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Feb 17, 2011 06:52 AM

Burgers at Stowe VT?

Like to have a burger my first night skiing at Stowe. Have gone to Gracie's in the past as well as another pub type place on the right side of the Mountain Rd heading up the mountain. Can't remember the name. Anyone have a good burger spot? Thanks,

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  1. I really liked the burger I got at the Depot Malt Shop in the lower village. It's a sweet retro place and they locally source their beef.

    1. The Blue Donkey on Mountain Road (close to Stoweflake) has pretty good burgers...not sure how late it's open. It's a very casual spot, they have hot dogs and grilled chicken as well. We haven't been since they expanded but as far as I know, the kitchen/food is the same as before.

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        Thanks. Doesn't look like it's open for dinner. Anymore ideas?

      2. I recommend checking out --- they had a deal yesterday for Blue Donkey where you could get a bunch of money off. It's deals in Stowe.

        1. What about the Shed? They brew good beer, but I haven't had a burger there in long time.