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Feb 17, 2011 06:44 AM

One Pound of beef bones?

Can I make beef stock if I only have one pound of shank bones? The butcher only had one container left :(

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  1. Of course you could, but that won't produce enough stock to be worth the effort would it? You might get enough stock for one bowl of soup after all.

    Could you freeze and then get more?

    1. no, but if you're like me, I save all my chicken bones, and what you could do is if you have at least 3lbs, saute them with a little olive oil to develop some carmalization. Then roast them off, and then make a stock of about 3 quarts water. (that's pushing it) Don't use any herbs or salt, just let them simmer for a few hours. I've actually let them go all day and the bones from the chicken will completely break down/ you'll need to strain the broth a few times but no big deal, the broth will be wonderful, and you can use it as you see fit.

      1. Since you don't have enough to make 3 qts of high quality stock it isn't worth your time and effort? Might as well just throw them away, right?

        My attitude is, make use of what I have, as opposed trying for perfection each time. Think of it as a learning experience, whether the outcome. The simplest thing is to just cover the bones with water, throw in a small onion, some pepper corns, maybe some other veggie scraps, and let if simmer from supper to bed time. Strain out all the solids, hang on to the bones, and store the stock in the fridge. I think you'll get some modest gelling. As for the bones, I'd try to get at the marrow, and depending on the size and shape, let my dog have some fun.

        I rarely buy bones or meat solely to make stock. More often I use the bones and scraps I already have. OK, I'll take that back a bit. I will buy hocks and feet with the idea of making a gelatin rich stock - but I also make use of the meat and skin.

        1. Yes you can make it, but you won't get much. I boiled about 10lbs the other day and only got about 4 quarts out of the first boil and 2 the second.

          What are you making beef stock for?