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Feb 17, 2011 05:31 AM

Miracle in Baton Rouge? Watch This Space....

Was up to LSU yesterday and "betook myself for prandial relaxation" to The Chimes. What news? fell into conversation with a kitchen worker there who announced that they are bringing back their roast beef po-boy in a few weeks. This fellow is a New Orleans kitchen alumnus, Katrina emigre, and knows a thing-or-two, in my estimation. He, too, decries the roast beef abominations we see that are so-called "debris" things, little shards of gray , it-was-once-meat or, worse, packaged crud. He will be roasting his own, he said, and the issue now is the bread. They are talking about Leideheimer deliveries, among other possibilities. Will send further news as it develops.

Also of interest was the revelation that Baton Rouge's progressive health department frowns on serving any form of baked oyster in the shell on rock salt,as is traditional in New Orleans (although many of us recall when several restaurants served them in charming and elegant aluminum foil things that would not be out-of-place at a fund-raiser for Eisenhower).

A really good po-boy would be a triumph in teh Great Capital of the Soveriegn State of Louisiana

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  1. As would a three-bagger of Sazeracs.

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      1. re: hazelhurst

        Many moons ago, Chimes had a noteworthy RBP, and killer RB gravy fries.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Yup, I recall that. I was told that a now long-gone manager mucked up the RBP. the new one--or re-appearance of the old one?--is set for sometime in April, I was told. The are supposedly also changing their remoulade which can only be an improvement.

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            The chimes roast beef back in the day was pretty good. I think it was called a four napkin or five napkin roast beef.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Hey, that remoulade sauce was good for caulkng one's drafty windows. What will they do now?

              Back when my lovely wife was a student there, I tried many restaurants, and kept asking, "so, where's the food?" Fast forward to today, and I have to admit that I did find a neat little Italian place, not too far off-campus, but the rest, that I have experienced, leaves me with the same question. Ninety miles away, as the red-wing black bird flies, but light years away, in other aspects.

              Glad that you will soon be able to sources a good RB po-boy. Now, if I could ONLY find one in Phoenix! They miss the whole concept, and it is not pretty - or tasty.

              Guess that BR deserves it more than we do.


      2. ummm, whatever you say, i guess.

        1. "many of us recall when several restaurants served them in charming and elegant aluminum foil things that would not be out-of-place at a fund-raiser for Eisenhower."

          There was a time, when stuffed crab was served in such, on the MS Gulf Coast. My mother cried, and gave up on one of her favorite dishes, when the "tin-foil" crab shells came into being.

          We bought, and then hid in the rafters, about two-dozen clam shells, just so we could serve coquille st jacques, and no foil anywhere. Glad that when we were hiding the shells, the "food police" never searched there. Just like when the ban on filé occurred. Who knew that they would be coming for us, and our case of Zatarain's filé? Wish that the various governments would leave my food alone, but think that it's getting worse.


          [Edit] Not sure where the Gulf Coast Restaurants link comes from, but that is life, I guess. I am NOT a fan of the auto-links feature, and would choose to add my own, when necessary. Oh well...

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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Yes, those tin-foil "crabshells" were (are) annoying. They used to come set in a sort of bakelite ramekin-like thing in some places.

            I still have about a dozen clam shells from my mother..they must date from the 1950's if not earlier. Coquille St Jacques and also for a dish she made called Crab O'Brien, wich was really just crab sauteed in butter with green bellpepper, garlic, green onion and a bit of sherry. Bind it together, bread it and bake. Always a hit.

          2. The latest news, garnered on a run-thru last weekend, was that the RB will be returning in a few weeks. There is also to be a new "specialty po-boy" which I swear was related as andouille-crusted oysters with bleu cheese and, my simply stunned mind seems to recall, bacon. [You have to spell "bleu" that way for things like this..]

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            1. re: hazelhurst

              wait -- an andouille-crusted-oysters w/ bleu cheese poboy!?!

              1. re: kibbles

                My reaction precisely..maybe I didn't hear this right. Will keep you posted b/c I have to go to W. Louisiana in a few weeks & will see what's up

            2. OK word that Chimes in Covington opens on Monday (Tax Day) and that the rest of The Empire is beginning to make menu changes. Am going to be up at the Flagship shortly and will check on the Roast Beef. Stay tuned....