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Feb 17, 2011 04:20 AM

Venison loins- need ideas.

I have two venison loins (whole loins, not steaks) that I want to make for a dinner party tonight. The party is not at my house. I am short on ideas for what to do with them. I want to avoid making steak because I need to show up with the dish already prepared. Anything good in a slow cooker? Would they make a good pot roast?

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  1. venison is very lean, even the shoulder isn't the best for braising. . .

    I would consider the broiler.

    1. Brown it in a heavy skillet and finish it in the oven topped (rubbed) with fresh herbs. The meat should be thoroughly cooked but be very careful not to overcook it because it gets very tough very fast; margin for error is incredibly narrow.

      Some ideas: