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Wellfleet Lunch

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Any spots open Sunday for lunch??

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  1. The Wicked Oyster for a sit down meal.
    Be sure to stop at PB Boulangerie and Bistro for fantastic baked goods (amazing everything)

    Wicked Oyster
    50 Main St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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      PB is amazing for pastries and breads and quite possibly THE BEST hot chocolate of my life. Any recent dinner reviews? Previous ones were rocky...

    2. http://www.discoverwellfleet.com has a list of open resuarants in Wellfleet. Click on the slide in the slideshow that says "Off Season Dining"

      But for my money I'd do BP&B, (peanut butter and balony?) and they do have a place to sit down- it's just not always open. ;-)

      1. see http://wellfleetian.com/wellfleetian/...

        1. try the bookstore

          1. Flying Fish Cafe is always great as well. Excelelnt coffee and breakfast. The pizza is recommended as well.

            Flying Fish Cafe
            29 Briar Ln, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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              Closed off-season