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Feb 17, 2011 01:38 AM

Heading to Ottawa this weekend ..... Where should I go?

I am going to Ottawa for the weekend with my gf and would like to know of some good casual restaurants as well as some good places to go for drinks. (Good breakfast, lunch, dinner) Nothing too expensive but good food is a must. We are going to Winterlude, so proximity to the festivities is preferable but not necessary. Where are your must go places?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. sweetgrass aboriginal bistro, domus, or play
    these are all good choices in my book

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    1. re: k_collin

      Italian district of Ottawa, cant tell you the addresses, but not hard to find, just ask any locals, not too far out of the city itself. But really good italian with stone oven pizza, its called La Favorita! I use to go up to Ottawa from Toronto for an over nite stay, just for the pizza, then called the restaurant the next day to order two pizzas for pick up to take home to Toronto. Now from what I know this place is still there but maybe under another name. Trust me on this. If I travelled just for the pizza its worth it. enjoy Ottawa this weekend! Tour boi

      1. re: tourboi

        We tried to go yesterday and Sweetgrass is permanently closed with a for lease sticker on the restaurant sign.

        108 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N5M6, CA

        1. re: rc8987

          I believe the chef from sweetgrass opened up a new resto in the mkt called smoqueshack. Its a bbq place and the prices are good.

          1. re: g5spark

            The italian area is called preston street. its on preston between somerset and 417.