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Feb 17, 2011 12:28 AM


Hi, so I don't care much for lobster but my boyfriend has never tried it. I was wondering if anyone was able to suggest a good place that sold whole cooked lobster with or without tail. I know the keg and boathouse sells it but anyone know of a better place? And approximate pricing? I don't mind casual or formal setting. And hopefully with a wonderful menu minus the lobster!

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  1. Your best best would be a chinese place like sun sui wah. Price depends on market price of the day. But if all you want is a whole cooked lobster, buy a 1.5 lb-2 lb one from the Lobster man in Granville and cook it yourself (boil for 10 mins max). There's nothing easier to cook than a lobster.

    1. It's pretty easy to boil your own. Might be more fun to go down to Granville Island or T&T and cook one yourselves. Otherwise some of the French restaurants in town probably do a good one for 3 times the price.

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        oh..and if you can, ask for a female one. the red roe is delicious, and they tend to be a bit sweeter. and make sure he tries the green tomalley (liver)! which is also delicious....mmmmmm, lobster....mmmm

      2. as for whole lobster your best value would be as suggested to DIY. you can get whole lobster at low as $5.99/lb.
        Paying primo dollars to have it served at a finer dining resto makes little sense to me. As you do all the work. But I believe Joe Fortes and Coast has them available.
        Market has a lobster dish that some may enjoy. French style with Chinese flavorings. I found the Chinese flavorings just ok. The Kirin version flavor wise would have worked better. Besides Kirin there a bunch of chinese resto that serve lobster. Maybe try jade or sea harbour.
        As for a unique take on lobster. Tropika has a sambal lobster that i found to be a hit or miss. But you wont find this dish in Malaysia or Singapore as lobsters are not common. I think we did a chowdown at Seri Malaysia with lobster. Cant remember how it was done. :-(
        With the exception of the Market version, I find many places tend to overcook lobsters.

        Seri Malaysia Restaurant
        2327E Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5L1V6, CA

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          $5.99 / lb? That's a great price! For a 1-2 lb-er (not a canner)? Where do you find such a good price?

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            A tad more than $5.99 with something of an idiosyncratic website/limited hours but looks worth checking out.

            416 E. Broadway 1-5 pm