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Feb 16, 2011 11:20 PM

First time Paris Lost Lost

Hi everyone! this my first time and post on chowhound. Hope im posting it right?lol!
So its gonna be my first time to Paris me and my best friend! We;re staying some hotel Le Meridien Etoile at 81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr in the 17th? Can anyone give us couple good bakerys and resturants in that area thats not so crazy on pricing! thankyou! and what to order would be nice too=) if theres a must try item or resturants you think i should check out that'll be perfect! staying for 7days and lost on where or what to eatl?

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  1. You're gonna have to search the board, as those questions have been discussed a lot. I'll give you La fleur d'Oranger rue Lebon and l'Entredgeu rue Laugier in the meantime, but that's just a start.

    1. MBC, Gilles Choukroun's restaurant, on rue du Débarcadère.
      Corner boulevard Pereire with the same street, Le Relais de Venise for steak-frites. Right across the street, Chez Georges.
      A short walk from there, rue d'Armaillé, Caïus and its little brother Zinc Caïus.

      1. I just got back from Paris - you will find bakeries everywhere and they are not particularly expensive for patisseries I don't think. Just go around the block and you will find some. Also all restaurants post their menus outside so you can check the prices. I guess you're posting all right but the typing could do some work!!!!!