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Feb 16, 2011 09:08 PM


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    1. hahahahaha. Oh, are they being serious?

      1. Glad to see the UT is giving voice to some people who know their food - though can't say I agree with all the choices in that list.

        1. They're too cheap to hire a decent food critic, so now it's food reviews by committee??

          1. I agree with DD comment about them being too cheap to pay a decent, seasoned food critic, but I find some interesting points of view with a few of the people they have tapped. Although I am sure that the chefs involved have an educated palette, I'm not entirely comfortable using them as reviewers for their peers in a public forum. Likewise, I don't think using a PR firm principal that represents some local restaurants is the wisest choice for a transparent opinion of other dining establishments. Altogether, an odd concept.