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Feb 16, 2011 08:08 PM

Where to buy veal bones for stock

Hey all... I'm wanting to get some veal bones and a calf's foot to make some veal stock. I tried calling my fav butcher - McCall's - but they were surprisingly unhelpful and just offered that they carried premade stock in their fridge. I'll try calling around tomorrow (Huntington Meats, maybe?), but figured someone here would know where....

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  1. I asked that very question at Marconda Meats at the Farmer's Market last week and they said "we always carry veal bones".
    FYI, they always have fabulous marrow bones, too.

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    1. If you ask, Bristol Farms gives bones away. Not sure about veal though.

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        Bristol Farms will give the bones away, but I've tried to get some from the South Pasadena location to no avail. They don't carry too many veal products so they don't have a lot of leftovers, but you can get all the beef bones you want. I saw another thread that BF carries some quality veal stock, but I haven't been back recently to test it out.

      2. McCall's is hardly a butcher shop. Although they promote themselves as such, I found out (from them) early on that they dont actually butcher anything. They are essentially just a meat retailer. Harvey Guss might be able to help with your search for Veal bones.

        1. I believe Harmony Farms in La Crescenta has them frozen. Last time I got them they were ~$20 for 5 or 10 lbs (can't remember).

          Harmony Farms
          2824 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, CA

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            Picked some up at harmony farms today. $2.95 lb. Frozen, bagged in about 3lb increments.