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Feb 16, 2011 06:58 PM

wide rice noodles in metro detroit

Where can I find these noodles? Thought I would find them at Hillers since they have a nice Asian section. No wide rice noodles. Hopefully will find these in the Novi,Farmington, W. Bloomington areas or any area in between. Thanks.

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  1. I've found them at the sister store of China Merchandise (Fuji Market), so this place probably has them, as well--
    China Mechandise
    34701 Grand River Avenue
    PS---just for our curiosity, what are you making??? :-)

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    1. re: VTB

      Thanks VTB. I'll check it out. This place is right around the corner of my house. I'm making Kway Teow(Thai Stir Fried Rice Noodles w/Thai basil and chillies)

    2. Maybe I can go check One World Market today at lunch. I love having a excuse to go there. :P

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      1. re: JanPrimus

        No luck....but I did have some nice Scallop Sushi and Pork Katsudon for lunch.

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          Well gee JP. Thanks for checking. I'm glad you got a nice lunch. I reallyy need to check out this place!

      2. Hey Rheta, don't know how far afield you want to go, but the Saigon Market on John R in Madison Heights might be worth a look.

        I know the Asian market by me on Southfield, the generically named Oriental Market (they have a smattering of everything, including Filipino and Jamaican food), has a large selection of rice noodles but not sure if they have them as wide as you like. Worth a stop if you ever make Penzey's runs.

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        1. re: coney with everything

          Thanks coney. I'll check VTB's suggestion first and if they don't have them I'll definitely check out Oriental Market. Where on Southfield is it? I'm looking for really wide noodles. At least 1"1/4 wide.

          Oriental Market
          3618 Grape Rd Ste 130, Mishawaka, IN 46545

          1. re: Rheta

            It's in the plaza at 12 1/2 Mile, with the Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls, Boston Market etc.

        2. If VTB's suggestion doesn't have them, I think you'll need to go to a Southeast Asian market, which unfortunately, seem clustered in the Madison Heights and Warren area. Here are two places that DEFINITELY have these noodles:

          Kim Nhung
          30925 Dequindre Rd
          Madison Heights, MI 48071
          (248) 588-8383

          Seven Seas
          21701 Hoover Rd
          Warren, MI 48089
          (586) 757-1998

          coneywitheverything's suggestion of Saigon Market would probably work too.

          Even if it's a drive to get to Madison Heights/Warren, these stores will have all the fresh produce, spices, soy sauces, etc. that you need to make your dish... all for much lower prices than you'll pay at a place like Hiller's.

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          1. re: jjspw

            Thanks for your suggestions jjspw. If the first two places don't have them at least I'll know I'll have these places to definitely get them.

          2. VTB is right.... China Merchandise definitely has them. Another Asian market that carries them is Evergreen Supply, on Lahser just north of 8 Mile Road.

            20736 Lahser Road
            Southfield, MI 48033