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Market Restaurant in Raleigh

Has anyone tried this place? Just learned about it through a listserv posting from NC State. Sounds good--locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The brunch menu for this Sunday, 2/20, sounds totally delicious. Curious if it is worth that long haul from Chapel Hill to Raleigh.

Sunday Brunch - 2.20.2011

French Quarter Style Beignets $7
drizzled with local honey

Chai Tea French Toast $10
crispy baked french toast served in our homemade chai tea reduction with a side of sweet glazed bacon or vegan sausage (vegetarian)

Farm Hand Eggs Benedict $11
sweet potato biscuits topped with shredded pork BBQ with a poached eggs and a side of stone ground grits

Fall Pancakes $9
whole wheat pancakes with sauteed cinnamon apples served with sweet glazed bacon or vegan sausage (vegan)

Farmers Market Omelette $10
prepared with local eggs and vegetables topped with Hollandaise and served with side of fruit Quinoa (vegetarian)

Grits and "Grillades" $12
creamy stone ground grits topped with house duck sausage and mushroom gravy

Pumpkins Last Stand $9
crepes with pumpkin maple cream cheese filling and toasted pecans served with sweet glazed bacon or veg.sausage (vegetarian)

"Chorizo" Scramble Taco $9
marinated tofu scrambled with potato and vegan "chorizo" dressed with salsa fresca and a side of fruit Quinoa (vegan)

Huevos Mercado $12
slow roasted goat, black beans, sunny side up eggs, salsa verde, avocadoes, and queso fresco atop fresh corn tortillas

Bar service starts at 12pm

Joe Van Gogh Coffee and assorted Hot Teas

Fresh Squeezed OJ - $3

Fresh Apple Juice - $3

Housemade Soy Milk - $3

Market Bloody Mary - $7

Chai Tai - with kracken rum - $6

Blount Street Daisy - $7

Kicked-up Coffee
Joe Van Gogh coffee with house infused chocolate coffee liqeur topped with fresh vanilla whipped cream $6

Peppermint Joe
homemade irish cream and mint syrup in Joe Van Gogh coffee $6

French Quarter
321 S Church St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Joe Van Gogh
1104 Broad St, Durham, NC 27705

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  1. Only been to Market Restaurant once and I thought it was ok. Casual neighborhood eatery type place with a gourmet twist. I think the main appeal of the place is that it's in an odd spot of Raleigh where there isn't much else. But thankfully Escazu Chocolates is right next door.

    Admittedly the brunch menu does look pretty good but I'd be just as happy eating at Acme or Watts. FWIW

    1. I've had dinner and lunch there and both were quite good, if not great. Still, it's a place I would go back to, especially with that kind of menu for brunch. Thanks for posting the menu; maybe I'll head over there this Sunday too! As RonboNC mentioned, Escazu chocolates (next door) is awesome, but I believe they are closed on Sundays. I really like the vibe of Market, and the fact that the menu offers stuff you don't see at every other place. It's a good place for Raleigh, but Poole's Diner is the best bet for brunch in the city.

      1. I agree with RoboNC in that I think the location is partly the appeal. I like that it's kind of hidden off in a neighborhood where you wouldn't expect it. I may be a bit more enthusiastic about what I've tried there - been three times, twice for lunch, once for dinner - than he is though. I've never been unhappy with things, but I've never been wildly excited either. The presentation of items always seems just a bit off; however, some things that looked a little ugly on the plate turned out to be pretty tasty.

        The prices aren't bad and it's got a nice laid-back vibe. They appear to be shooting for: casual moderately priced, neighborhood feel, and pretty decent food. I think they succeed at that, and it's a place that I plan to return to when I'm in that kind of mood, and I will definetely give them a shot for brunch. I could see them doing a pretty good job with that sort of thing.

        1. I enjoyed it and well there is escazu next door. I don't quite remember how the price matched up with the food (in comparison to say Parker and Otis or NOFO), but myself, fiancee and future In-Laws like it.

          1. Cool, thanks for the feedback! Don't know if I'll be able to haul my lazy self all the way to Raleigh for this place alone, but I could be tempted to combine it with a field trip to Escazu...awesome tip!

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              It makes a great trip with Escazu. Market was also very accommodating to our toddler last time we were there.

            2. We did go this Sunday. The place was humming, with the Raleigh City Garden folks milling about, the garage bay door slung open to bask in the beautiful weather, and an acoustic guitarist crooning at the back of the small space. I ordered the chai french toast, and Michelle ordered the eggs benedict dish. My entrée was fine, but, at only two pieces of bread, a bit small. While the chai flavor was good (how could it be bad?), I’d take a more traditional french toast any day. It came with two pieces of sweet glazed bacon. Some nice salty bacon to counter all that chai syrupy sweetness would have been good. The eggs benedict were better in concept than execution. The bbq was not especially tender or flavorful, and the sweet potato biscuits in particular were completely lost in the dish. On the plus side, the accompanying cheddar grits were delicious. Our order of “french quarter style beignets drizzled with local honey” did not arrive until the end of our meal. I don’t how they do beignets in New Orleans, but these were not good. They tasted about like an overcooked funnel cake from the state fair. To sum it up, the vibe of the restaurant is really great – nice enough to bring me back – even if the food is not always fantastic.

              1. I went for lunch with my boss and we both had terribly, terribly disappointing meals and the service (if you call it that) was ridiculous. The waitress was a complete airhead and it was like pulling teeth to get an order right. My boss didn't even finish his lunch; in face he barely ate it. The waitress noticed his full plate (which - by the way - the servings were small!) and was just like: "oh, you weren't hungry?" instead of "what was wrong - can I get you something else?"

                Bad. Bad. Bad. It was like a $24 bill for a dismal lunch. BAD!

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                1. re: Tehama

                  I'm curious what you had for lunch that was so bad?

                  My wife and I have been several times for dinner and it's always been fantastic. Service has been good as well. I wonder if they have the same cook for lunch and dinner? I am usually unable to check them out during the day but had been thinking about going on a saturday soon.

                  1. re: mbluth

                    Honestly, I am having a hard time remembering... mine was some very mediocre sandwich (HOW do you mess up a sandwich?) and my boss has a shrimp dish of some sort. It had some pungent sauce on it that completely ruined the shrimp.

                    I love food. I love going out to restaurants. I almost never,ever have a bad time. But *that* was a dismal experience.

                2. We went to Market a few times when it first opened (after giving it a couple of weeks to work out the kinks). We were so excited that this place was opening within walking distance of our house. Unfortunately, we never had a very good experience. The atmosphere is cool and we didn't have any problems with the service. But the food always seemed to . . . not quite work. The ideas were interesting but the execution was not there. As others have mentioned, the portions did tend to be quite small, and while the prices on some standards were fine the special/entree prices were pretty high for a small and only-ok piece of fish or whatever. I really wanted to like Market, but in the end we got frustrated spending $50 for a dinner that was not quite as good as we could make at home.