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Good veg/seafood options within 5 minute walk of Broadview & Danforth

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Preferably not sushi or anything overly meaty. And with wine. Any good spots? I looked at the other Danforth threads but I don't see one that focuses on this area.

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  1. Have you been to Globe Bistro before? It's right at Broadview and Danforth. And while not a veg/seafood focus, there are several options on the dinner menu:


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    1. re: TorontoJo

      No, I haven't and that's perfect! I've always meant to go there! Thanks!

    2. Hanoi 3 at Broadview and Queen has decent Vietnamese including some veg options, and a small wine list.

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      1. re: hal2010

        Just to be sure, did Hanoi 3 Seasons move from Gerrard and Broadview? The website still shows that location but I didn't notice them last time I was at Bill's Lobster.


        Bill's Lobster
        599 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

        Hanoi 3 Seasons
        588 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

        1. re: foodyDudey

          As of about a month ago they were still there. I am addicted to their shrimp lemongrass soup. There is another location on Queen

          1. re: foodyDudey

            I think Hanoi 3 seasons changed hands ? I don't think it is as good now.

            1. re: Helen

              I went there once last year and didn't like it at all. But I'm vegetarian. Maybe their meat stuff is better.

              1. re: Helen

                Agreed. We went for the first time in January and didn't care for it. But I believe it was the original owner at the time. All the soups tasted the same.

            2. re: hal2010

              Just checked out the menu and it looks good--but isn't that more than 5 minutes away?

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                How fast can you walk?

                1. re: hal2010


                  you said Broadview and Queen. I don't think it's on Queen.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    There is a Hanoi 3 Seasons on Queen, but it's a lot further east than Broadview. As far as I know, the one on Gerrard at Broadview is still there. Ownership remains the same, but the owner took his a-list chefs to the Queen St. location, which is probably why Helen doesn't think it is as good now. I have to agree. I always order the cha ca and I've noticed that since the second location opened, the cha ca hasn't been as good and the nuoc cham (fish sauce dipping sauce that accompanies many dishes) isn't the same. It used to have more garlic, chiles and carrot shreds. I can't put my finger on what has changed with the cha ca, but my guess is that the herb and vegetable content is narrower. As a result, the flavours aren't as bright. The fish is still good and the dish is still tasty, but something's missing. I can't vouch for any other items, except the fresh shrimp rolls, which are still good, but also have more muted flavours, a result of fewer herbs in each roll. I don't know if someone made a conscious decision to use fewer herbs to save money or if it's just a different person creating the food, that's behind the shift, but it's noticeable. If I lived in Toronto and frequented the place, I'd mention it, but I haven't been there in months.

                    The good thing about Hanoi 3 Seasons is that they'll do virtually any dish vegetarian for you. They have a veggie pho and they know their way around tofu. I would say their veggie food is stronger than most pho places that only have a couple of cursory veg dishes.

                    Certainly not 5 minutes from Broadview and Danforth, another Viet option for veg is Peach Garden. They actually have an extensive veg menu. Their closest location is on Gerrard, but east of Carlaw.

                    Hanoi 3 Seasons
                    588 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

                    Peach Garden
                    45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA

                    1. re: 1sweetpea

                      I'm aware of the Queen and Jones location, having eaten there a few years ago. It's just not a short walk from Broadview and Danforth.

                    2. re: foodyDudey

                      Oops. It's Broadview and Gerrard.

                    3. re: hal2010

                      I'm with a slow walker but I could probably adjust my start point if it's good food.

                      1. re: Ediblethoughts

                        Brown rice salad at Mocha Mocha.


                        Mocha Mocha
                        489 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA

                        1. re: koknia

                          My situation for posting this question has passed (i.e. not likely to be there as much) but I do intend to try out Mocha Mocha anyway...

                          Mocha Mocha
                          489 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA

                2. Pantheon on the Danforth (closer to Chester but about 5min away from Broadview) has some decent seafood selection. They have the better fried calamari (you'll find this in many of the other posts) and I love their Pantheon shrimp dish - large shrimps mixed in with rice and veggies and baked with cheese on top! They also serve fish whole and grilled. Not sure if they have enough there to satisfy a vegetarian.

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                  1. re: mingo.jones

                    I've never thought of going here but your description is appealing. Will make a note..

                    1. re: Ediblethoughts

                      Pantheon is exactly the spot I was thinking of too. Well seasoned grill meets calamari. Salmon done just so and not over. Their dinners are HUGE so be prepared to eat or share or doggy bag.

                      407 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA

                      1. re: Googs

                        Thanks, Mingo and Googs---tried it out (the salmon and the Pantheon shrimp) and very nice. A nice house wine too.