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Feb 16, 2011 05:36 PM

Swad Coriander Chutney in SF or the peninsula?

Since I've moved to SF, I've hit a bunch of the Indian grocers in the area, but only one of them had the Swad brand of coriander chutney (and it was the last jar, so I grabbed it). I didn't realize it was so difficult to find (and pricey...$4 vs. the $2 I was paying in Atlanta). I *think* the place I picked it up was at Patel Foods in San Bruno (I went on a spree when I first moved here, so I don't remember what came from where). Mirch Masala brand seems to be the most-carried brand, which is not bad, but a little spicier than I want and not as tangy as Swad. Anyone know for certain where it is carried? I've been to the Indian grocers in the Tenderloin and Western Addition, as well as a couple of places in Sunnyvale, too.

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