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Feb 16, 2011 05:05 PM

Brunch in Houston?

Howdy fellow 'Hounds.

I'm looking for recs for brunch spots in Houston. Live in Pearland, but willing to drive just about anywhere.

I love a good brunch buffet - brunch to me means being able to sample a bit of everything... sweet, savory, breakfast-ish items, lunchish items, etc. Have been to Baba Yega's a few times and liked it. Was not so impressed with Buffalo Grille and Empire Cafe. Brennan's menu looked good, but they did not have space when I called last weekend. I hear the Four Seasons has a killer brunch on the weekend as well. Went to IHOP after a hiatus of many years and thought the pancakes and omelets were more than decent - better than Buffalo Grille anyways.

Would you care to share your faves? Thanks!

Baba Yega Restaurant
2607 Grant St, Houston, TX 77006

Buffalo Grille
1301 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057

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  1. If you like Indian/Pakistani food Sabri Nihari at Hillcroft and 59 has an awesome brunch every day. All you can eat IndoPak dishes of very high quality, absolutely fresh cooked Nan, salads, desserts and also they have some Chinese dishes (not my preference but apparently the regular clientele likes it). All for $10 or $11 at lunchtime.

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      i'm familiar with the Indian/Pakistani buffets in town (try BBQ Tonite for really authentic Pakistani grub), but I am looking for more Western Hemisphere options. Even good diners are fair game.

    2. If by "anywhere" you include Richmond, Karl's on the Riverbend has an awesome Sunday Brunch buffet in a pastoral setting. Hugo's is known for it's brunch buffet, although I've never been.

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        Thanks Lambowner! I will add Karl's to my list. I do mean I'll drive just about anywhere - I hear there is a great Sunday brunch at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston, but I have not tried it yet.

        I've been to Hugo's twice for brunch and loved it both times. Mariachi band was neat, as long as you aren't seated right next to them. It's quite a spread, so starve yourself for a day before you go!

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          I have been to the Galvez brunch and it is beautiful and vast. They also have a Bloody Mary bar with all kinds of add ins like pickled vegetables. If you go to Karl's be sure and make reservations. They are booked in advance, and that goes for regular nights too. We were celebrating a birthday there the week after Christmas one year, and Mel Gibson was there dining with his father and other family on his father's wedding day (back in happier times for Gibson). There's my name drop for the day!

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            huge fan of Hugo's, even though I've only been once ... it's beyond my price point. but wanted to mention they also have a Saturday brunch with a menu ... prices are more in the $10-$15 for an entree .... Sunday brunch is $27.

            1. re: rrrich7

              Forgot to give an honorable mention to Seco's Latin Cuisine - cozy house converted into a restaurant had some latin/Mexican items like migas and such, plus an omelette station. Was reasonably priced and probably a tie with Yega's if not a little better. Definitely one to try if you like brunch buffets with a Latin twist.

              Seco's Latin Cuisine
              2536 Nottingham
              Houston, TX 77246
              (713) 942-0001

        2. I've had pretty good brunch at Churrascos on Westheimer, but it has a been a while. Also Hungrys on Rice is not too shabby, the eggs benedict with crab cake calls me back. Benjy's, also in the Rice Village area, makes a mean Habanero infused bloody marry. Nice atmosphere to boot and no complaints on the food. For something out of the ordinary Doneraki does a casual tex mex brunch buffet on the weekend that I enjoy.

          Edit: I forgot to mention that each of the eateries mentioned above excluding Doneraki are not buffet style.

          Churrascos River Oaks
          2055 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77042

          1. Brennan's - try the shrimp and grits. Excellent.

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              @KungPao - thanks for the recs! Those had not made it to my list yet, but will definitely try them. i've had lunch at Benjy's and thought it was pretty decent. America's on Post Oak has a brunch buffet (kinda Latin infused) which was a tad pricey, but also decent grub. i would rather spend my money to go Hugo's for brunch if I was ready to drop that kind of $.

              @texasredtop: I'm looking forward to Brennan's - last time I tried to go, they were full for brunch, so I'll have to plan ahead and try again.