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Feb 16, 2011 04:40 PM

Great Brunch Spot?

Can anyone recommend a great brunch spot for Saturday? We've been to Carmen's and Continental on a previous visit and we have a reservation for Noble on Sunday. We're looking for more of the breakfast stuff.

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  1. hmm my favorite brunch in philly (or anywhere for that matter) is kanella- but its not breakfast-y

    do you want sweet stuff or more savory? for sweet, day by day near rittenhouse is pretty good but it gets crowded very early, and the savory food is so unimpressive

    have you tried sabrinas? ive been to both- the one by the art museum is a little bit more relaxed but not by much. i like the food at all those places near the italian market (sabrina's, morning glory) but dont think its worth a wait. portions are huge at sabrinas and its byo- makes for a fun brunch atmosphere

    honeys sit and eat in northern liberties is pretty awesome, and ive heard good things bar ferdinand too if youre in that area

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      Kanella has plenty of breakfast-y stuff--English breakfast, "Cypriot" breakfast, shakshuka, house smoked fish and boiled egg. But a lot of more lunch stuff, too. It's really good.

      If South Philly is an option, Green Eggs is really good, as is Royal Tavern.

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        If you go to Sabrina's, call when you are about 30 minutes away and get on the wait list. Also, the portions are indeed huge but if you ask, there are many dishes that can be ordered half portion for a lower price.

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          +1 for Honey's though on Sunday's you need to get there early before the local churches let out and the place gets mobbed. I also love the fact they serve coffee to the people waiting outside in line. Class act.

        2. Day by Day, at 21st and Sansom. Some family members just had brunch there and couldn't stop raving. Check out their menu online - sounds great to me!

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            day by day gets packed quickly though, and i dont think the food justifies a long wait

            dctraveler, unless you arrive early or are in the mood to put your name down, grab some coffee at la colombe and hang out in the park until your table is ready, id skip day by day and make a reservation at kanella instead.

            haha now that im re-reading what i wrote, lounging in the park with coffee sounds quite lovely when its nice out- which its expected to be this weekend

          2. Cafe Estelle is my current favorite. On 4th between Spring Garden and Callowhill. It's a bit of a hike, but easy to park if you have a car.

            If you want an inexpensive breakfast place, go with the Dutch Eating Place at the Reading Terminal Market or the 10th Street Pour House (10th between Locust and Spruce).

            1. If you like brunch a la francaise, heavy on animal fats and cocktails, try Caribou Cafe - definitely more lunch than breakfast but very good food.
              For a classic weekend breakfast, I second Sabrina's at the Italian market - although get there before 9.30 to avoid the freakishly long line and hunger pangs.
              Kanella is good for a more exotic brunch experience and definitely more on the savory side (when you say breakfast stuff, I think danishes and muffins). The malohwa is delicious - and contains your monthly quota of butter.

              1. do you want sweet or savory? or a place with both options?

                i think this will help us give better recommendations

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                  Thanks for all of these suggestions! So we're looking for creative egg dishes/quiches and waffles/pancakes/french toast with compotes or stuffed with interesting ingredients, homemade sausages and bacon, etc.

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                    Cafe Estelle cures and smokes most of their meats in house. I think that sets them apart from some of the other great brunch spots.

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                      another thought is Beau Monde at 6th and bainbridge. Crepes with a variety of fillings (you can create your own combos - I love smoked trout and leeks for brunch) or regular breakfast fare (good bacon)! Nice Bloody Marys too if you are into that sort of thing ; )
                      I'd also second (or third) Cafe estelle

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                        In that case I'd suggest either Sabrina's or Cafe Estelle. Cafe Estelle especially, since they make their own bacon as urbanfabric said. Their stuffed french toast was also better than Sabrina's the one time I had it, Sabrina's is over the top.