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Feb 16, 2011 03:49 PM

Sponge Candy in Bay Area?

I'm hoping there are some candy/sweets hounds who can help me out. My mom grew up in Buffalo, NY and has shared her childhood love for "sponge candy" with our whole family. Sponge candy is a carmelized sugar center that gets aerated and then covered in chocolate. It has a nice a crunch but melts away when eaten. The food seems to be quite specific to Buffalo, although occasionally available in other places. I'm hoping to find a local source. Otherwise I'm restricted to having it shipped in and making it a special occasion order. I've also seen recipes online, but haven't ever tried to make it. Any tips on where to find it around here would be most welcome!

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  1. You can find that locally. In Burlingame:
    Or try a British "Cadbury Crunchie," which is available lots of places.

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      Yes, often called chocolate honeycomb. I know I've bought some here, but can't think where.

      edited: It was Coco-Luxe on Haight. They have both dark and milk chocolate.

      The Candy Store
      1507 Vallejo St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      Miette Confiserie
      449 Octavia St, San Francisco, CA 94102

    2. How about See's chocolate molasses chips?
      Molasses Chips combine a crisp crunchy honeycomb of real molasses

      1. Assuming it's the same kind of thing as Violet Crumble, Crunchie, etc., it's fairly easy to find downtown too. Try the Scottish goods store on Sutter at Stockton ( -- I saw Crunchie bars in the window there recently. There's also a Fiona's Sweetshoppe further down on Stockton at Kearny. You could also try Andronico's; in the East Bay Piedmont Grocery almost certainly has some and maybe even Berkeley Bowl.

        As an ex-pat, it's never been something I've craved because it's always been easy to find. And it's also really easy to make:

        Grease a small-medium cake pan. Heat 4 tbsp white sugar and 2 tbsp golden syrup (at markets mentioned above) to a boil, slowly stirring all the time. Boil 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, add 1 tsp sifted baking soda and stir quickly until mixture froths and stiffens. Pour at once into a greased cake pan. Cool. Break into pieces when cold. Store in air-tight jars. Exposure to air/moisture makes it soft. Brush *quickly* with melted chocolate. Cool at room temperature.

        1200 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

        Fiona's Sweetshoppe
        214 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA

        Piedmont Grocery Company
        4038 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

        Berkeley Bowl West
        920 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA

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        1. re: bgbc

          Cost Plus world market (there is one at Fisherman's Wharf) has Crunchies... we had them up in Canada too...

        2. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory often carries it and here it is called Honeycomb or Sea Foam. The chocolate shops around Fisherman's Wharf carry it also.

          Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
          1144 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588