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Wi-fi downtown [Reno]

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I've been in Reno for quite a while but when trying to come up with places that have free wi-fi (not Starbucks) I got stuck. I live in the "mid-town" neighborhood, specifically near St. Lawrence Ave and Virginia St. I'd prefer walking distance but I don't want to go more than say 1.5 miles one way. Jungle Java/Vino's already on my list, other suggestions?

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  1. Don't most of the casinos have free wi-fi?

    1. The library has free wifi but no food. The museum on Liberty also has free wifi and a small cafe.

      1. Is Walden's Coffee House within your Radius? Definitely my favorite when I lived in Reno
        Java Jungle is also good

        1. I don't know how broadly you define downtown, but both Fifth Street Bakehouse and Krumblz have free WiFi.

          1. Here's an urbanspoon link that gives some location in the region. I posted a more general link earlier that got deleted. Hopefully this one won't.

            1. We just had lunch at the Wolf Den at the UNR campus and they have free wi-fi. We were the oldest people there by about 45 years (!!!) but there was no pointing and laughing :) Smallish place. We loved the Awful Awful burger which comes with a POUND of fries. They open for breakfast now at 8AM.