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Feb 16, 2011 03:35 PM

Lucia tomorrow night

Going with a group of 6 tomorrow night. What should we order and nt miss???

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  1. Went last night. One of the best meals I've ever had in Dallas.

    Burrata with ash. Yes ash!
    Sweet potato ravioli. Ordered it twice and considered getting another for lunch.
    Brown butter gelato

    Everything was great. The above were sublime.

    Chef is amazing and Jennifer is sincerely sweet.

    1. get a lot of appetizers, they're more fun than the entrees.

        1. I had a great duck dish there and also recommend the panna cotta.

          1. Recap of our dinner. First let me start by saying the restaurant was very charming and quaint. We all really enjoyed the ambiance that has been so lovingly created. I did not feel like I was in Dallas Texas, It felt like a village restaurant in Europe. Loved that! We were a group of 6. Jennifer came to our table quickly after we were seated and explained the menu in detail she was wonderful and very down to earth. We all ordered appetizers. The Salumi for me was the high light of the night. It was fantastic. Also the risotto balls were a big hit. a couple of people had the Soup and really liked it. for the second course we all split a couple of things I had a gnocchi with sage and duck. It really reminded me of Chicken & dumplings. we liked them but were not blown away. I thought the gnocchi was a little chewy and not as light as I would like. The ravioli was very good. We also ordered the Lobster Risotto. It was good but really really salty. In fact we all agreed that a lot of the food was over salted.
            For the main course I had the duck as did a couple of other people. I loved it. Thought it was wonderful and paired with lentils and turnips really great, one of the other people in our group thought is was way undercooked. I disagreed because mine was awesome. My Husband had the braised lamb. It was really great. he loved it. I forgot to mention that the warm olives on the table were wonderful and the bread that is made in house was out of this world. So good. When it was time for dessert the table ordered the chocolate panna cotta. I did not care
            for the dessert menu nothing spoke to me. It could also be the fact that I knew Dude Chocolate is located next door and open until 9:00pm and I was holding out for that. We did go over after dinner and buy a bunch of chocolate. Yum. Anyway all and all we loved the restaurant, a little to much salt for our taste, but the service was outstanding and it was great fun.