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Feb 16, 2011 03:31 PM

Bar at the Modern--best dishes?

The Hub & I are going to the Bar at the Modern for our anniversary. We aren't stinking rich but we love good food & wine (which we don't believe has to be expensive). I've read alot about the BatM so we're excited to try it for our special occasion dinner. Would love some recommendations as to which dishes we should try (very intrigued by the egg in a jar thing). Also I noticed they have some reasonable wines on the menu, has anyone tried any of them?

Thanks Hounds.

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    1. Egg in the jar and the beignets are my favorite two dishes at The Modern. I also love the Hinny Kick cocktail -- my favorite in NYC.

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        1. Wild mushroom soup 9\10
          Modern Liverwurst-9.25\10
          Lamb Saddle-8.75\10
          Beer Braised Pork Belly-9.5\10
          Strawberry Soup-9\10
          I had a seared fois gras with watermelon that I thought was just ok but it's no longer on the menu.

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            agreed that the Wild Mushroom Soup is delicious. it's a bold dish, almost off-putting at first. the artichoke soup is more subtle in flavor, but very rewarding. every ingredient was easily identifiable in each spoonful.

            1. re: coasts

              i love the mushroom soupswith their mini baguettes.

            2. re: daffyduck

              oh, i also had the egg in a jar. i would give it a 9\10.

            3. We were there this past weekend and loved the jamon iberico, egg in a jar, hamachi tartare, duck breast, and beignets.

              In the past, we've enjoyed the wild mushroom soup, lamb saddle, and seared foie gras. I have also liked the tarte flambée, liverwurst, salmon, and pork belly, but not as much. The desserts are excellent, especially the beignets. I've also enjoyed the cheesecake and strudel.

              I'd say the egg in a jar and seared duck breast are probably my top two savories.