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Detroit style pizza in Austin?

I'm looking for some good Detroit style pizza in Austin. As much as I love the thin crust deliciousness you guys got going on down here, I miss some square, crispy crust thick pizza (like Jets or Buddy's).

Any tips??

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  1. i was just seeing some of this on boots in the oven, and had also read about it on serious eats.
    sorry to say, i don't know anywhere that has something close.
    in fact, most people here look to mangia for thick crust pizza, which i can't stand.

    1. AustinPinUp, I lived in Detroit years ago, and I know the style you're looking for. It's not here... I've been looking.

      It's not the same, but Conan's thick crust might help satisfy the craving.

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      1. re: stephanieh

        looking at the photos, it seems this is a round bar pizza style?

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          No, it is a square pizza with very crispy edges, sometimes the crust is twice baked. The sauce us traditionally on top, but not always

          1. re: AustinPinUp

            sorry, i meant that the pictures of conan's pizza suggest it's a round bar pie, and therefore not detroit style.

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Their thin crust is round, but their thick is square (from what I remember, I couldn't find the picture that you are referring to). However, they advertise their deep dish pizza as Chicago style.

              I actually like their thin crust, cooked crispy, with enough sauce but not too much, better than many pies in town.

              1. re: rudeboy

                i was looking at the photos in yelp.

                do you like their deep dish?
                i don't like mangia and am on the lookout for alternatives.

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                  Conan's deep dish is a little too bready for me. At lunch, when they have (or had) a buffet, they tended to undercook the deep dish pies.

      2. My low carb lifestyle doesn't permit too much thick crust, but doesn't Milto's do an edible thick square crust pie?

        1. There's no Detroit-style pizza, like a Buddy's or Loui's, in Austin. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much Detroit-style pizza outside of the Detroit area. With respect to Austin, AFAIK, we don't even have the somewhat more common Sicilian / grandma-style pie.

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          1. re: Steven Dilley

            i miss that sicilian style that was everywhere in boston...
            haven't found anything like it here, but if i do, i will definitely post about it!

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Hot Slice on the Drag usually has a sicilian.

          2. Cloverleaf is my favorite, Gus Guerra's recipe. You can get detroit style pizza mail ordered to you from cloverleaf pizza too, Yum! Copied picture below.

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            1. re: Makinithappen

              Mmmmm, I love cloverleaf! I'm pretty sure u could survive on their breadsticks alone. I'll have to look into getting some shipped. national coney island will also ship coney kits, so I could kill two cravings with one stone :)

              1. re: AustinPinUp

                What the heck is the difference with Detroit Style? Those Cloverleaf pies are pretty pricey.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  Actually they are cheaper than many other mail order pizzas, especially chicago style. Cloverleaf the price they show is for shipping and everything is included in price shown. For example Giordano's Pizza :: Ship A Pizza says it is $19.20 for one 12" pie, but once you put in cart it shows shipping seperate like this:

                  12" Pepperoni Pizza

                  Subtotal: $19.20
                  Approximate Shipping Costs:
                  PeriShip: FedEx Priority Overnight: $56.46
                  Actual shipping values will be based on your shipping destination.
                  link to their site: http://www.giordanos.com/shop/

                  Okay, so you end up paying $75.56 for ONE 12" PIZZA from Giordanos<--Now that is expensive! This is just one example but if you google mail order pizza and see what places charge for shipping you would see it is expensive.

                  I can get 3 Delightful Detroit Style Pizzas with pepperoni from cloverleaf for only $48 delivered to my door. :)

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    It's so good! Thick crust but not too thick, cheese and toppings right to the edge, crispy crunchy edges! It is worth trying if you ever get a chance

                    1. re: rudeboy

                      each of those orders includes 3 pizzas for ~$48. that's really not bad.

                      EDIT: Oops. Just saw that they are tiny 7"x9". that is a bit pricey.

                2. The closet thing I found was Barry's Pizza on Richmond Street in Houston.
                  We ordered the Whole Wheat Deep Dish.

                  1. You might want to check out Milto's on Guadalupe at 29th. They have a square Neopolitan pizza that is good, though admittedly not a Buddy's or Cloverleaf.

                    A bit of trivia, but for a while Austin had a Shields pizza franchise. This would have been in the late 80's or early 90's. It was out on Bee Cave Road, and it was the real deal! Lot's of Detroit memorabilia hanging on the walls. It was a sad day for me when they closed up. :(

                    1. Awesome news! I'll check it out!

                      1. There's a Jet's Pizza franchise opening up in Cedar Park this month. Looks to be near the Wal-mart on Bell.

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                        1. re: verily

                          The Jet's website says a Brodie Lane location is coming soon as well.

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                            Haven't seen anything for Via 313, but if you need a Buddy's fix and don't want to wait for Jet's, this would be a great substitute. Just went there last night and although it was expensive, it was pretty good. They are located on East 6th Street on the East side of 35.

                            1. re: tdombrow

                              I have been getting my fix at VIA 313 for awhile now. The pizza is amazing, the guys are super nice (I should know, the owner is my boyfriend) and you cant beat sitting on the patio of the Violet Crown, drinking beer and eating pizza. 100x better than Jets for sure.

                              1. re: AustinPinUp

                                But why drink beer when you can drink the true nectar of the gods, Rock & Rye. The guys were really cool. Big fan, can't wait to go back.

                        2. I really like VIA 313. They're on East 6th in the parking lot of the Violet Crown Social Club. I know the owners and they are two brothers who grew up in Detroit. They spent a year working on their recipes before opening up. They've done great and are about to open up a second trailer down south in the parking lot of the Red Shed Tavern.


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                          1. re: The Tres Leches

                            +1 on Via 313. Went to college in Michigan and really missed that type of Pizza. I try to go about once a month and I'm never disappointed. Gotta love the Faygo, too.