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Feb 16, 2011 02:47 PM

BBQ joints around rt 40?

I am driving across country from Philadelphia to San Diego. Will be on I-40 for quite a while... and the states I will be going through in that area will be Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. I suspect that there are a LOT of great BBQ spots close to the interstate in the TN/AR area... probably many that I wouldnt find just by driving through there. If anyone can give suggestions where to go for great BBQ or other regional specialties, I would love to hear it! I am open-minded and up to trying just about anything! Thanks!

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  1. Littleman has a list of places in AR that he will likely share. My advice is to be sure and stop in Memphis for at least one meal, more if you can. If you have only one meal in Memphis for BBQ, I would go with the Bar-B-Q Shop, just because they have great ribs AND a great sandwich, whereas many of the places in Memphis have predominantly one or the other. My all time favorite Memphis barbecue, though, is the chopped hot sandwich at Payne's on Lamar Ave.

    Bar-B-Q Shop Restaurant
    1782 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

    1. On your way S on I 81 from VA to TN you will have a lot of options for road food. You may just want to stop for a rest and a cold drink. The Naked Oyster is a great place for lunch/dinner at Winchester at Exit 313.

      Naked Oyster @ 2444 Valley Avenue, Winchester, VA 540 - 678 - 0778.

      At Stephens City is Butcher Block BBQ @ Exit 264. Just down I 81 a few miles at New Market is Southern Kitchen serving outstanding country food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Exit 264.

      Butcher Block BBQ @ 131 Town Run Lane, Stephens City, VA 540 - 869 - 4141.
      Southern Kitchen @ 9576 South Congress St., New Market, VA 540 - 740 - 3514.

      Harrisonburg has quite a few fine restaurants convenient to I 81. There are BBQ Ranch, Calley's Restaurant and Brewing Co. for good BBQ also, Dave's Downtown Tavern for good food and drinks, Donna Rosa for good Mexican, Jess' Quick Lunch, Joshua Wilton House Inn and Restaurant, Little Grill for breakfast, Local Chop and Grill House for fine dining, Smoking Pig BBQ and Village Inn.

      BBQ Ranch @ 3311 N Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 3296.
      Cally's Restaurant and Brewing Co. @ 41 A Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 8777.
      Dave's Downtown Taverna @ 121 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 564 - 1487.
      Dona Rosa @ 43 Linda Lane, Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 442 - 7672.
      Jess' Quick Lunch @ 22 S. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 434 - 8282.
      Joshua Wilton House @ 412 South Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 4464.
      Little Grill @ 621 North Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 3594.
      Local Chop and Grill House @ 56 West Gay St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 801 - 0505.
      Smoking Pig @ 56 East Wolfe St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 433 - 3917.
      The Village Inn @ 4979 South Valley Pike - S Main St., Harrisonburg, VA 540 - 434 - 7355.

      Staunton is just W of I 81 and a very nice town also. It's home to Mrs. Rowe's country food breakfast, lunch and dinner, Wright's Dairy Rite, Staunton Grocery for casual fine lunch/brunch/dinner and The Depot Grill.

      Mrs. Rowe's Family Restaurant @ 74 Rowe Rd., Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 1833.
      Wright's Dairy Rite @ 346 Greenville Ave., Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 0435.
      Staunton Grocery @ 105 West Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 540 - 886 - 6880.
      The Depot Grill @ 42 Middlebrook Ave., Staunton, VA 540 - 885 - 7332.

      Lexington, VA has a number of good restaurants like Bistro on Main for lunch/dinner, Macado's for sandwiches, Sheridan Livery Inn and Restaurant for lunch/dinner, The Palms for lunch/dinner and drinks and Soutern Inn for fine dining lunch/dinner. Lexington is the home of VMI and W&L U. It's a beautiful town a few minutes W of I 81 and worth a visit.

      Bistro on Main @ 8 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 4888.
      Macado's @ 30 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 8201.
      Sheridan Livery Inn & Restaurant @ 35 North Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 464 - 1887.
      The Palms Restaurant @ 101 West Nelson St., Lexington, VA 540 - 463 - 7911.
      Southern Inn Restaurant @ 37 South Main St., Lexington, VA 540 - 463 - 3612.

      Home Place is a great restaurant several miles W of I 81 W of Roanoke at Exit 141 serving outstanding country food, good fried chicken and deserts in an old home. Just E of Lexington at Exit 188AB Frank's for the Memorie's is a great place for good road food with great outdoor dining.

      Home Place Restaurant @ 4968 Catawba Valley Dr., Catawba, VA 540 - 384 - 7252.
      Frank's for the Memories BBQ @ 2117 Magnolia Ave., Buena Vista, VA 540 - 261 - 5553.

      Get off I 81 at Exit 150B and go E to Highway 11. Turn left and go N a couple of miles to Pomegrante Restaurant for outstanding seafood and steaks for dinner.

      Pomegranate Restaurant @ 106 Stoney Battery Road, Troutville, VA 540 - 966 - 6052.

      The best option on I 81 near Roanoke, VA if you are trying to make good road time is Three Little Pigs at Daleville at Exit 150 5 miles N of Roanoke, VA. It's located in a small shopping center less than two minutes off W side of I 81 and serves great BBQ. It also has a very nice outdoor seating area and the menu includes sandwiches and salads for those who don't want BBQ. They also serve cold adult beverages. The shopping center has some very nice stores in case you are in need of road supplies. There are nice hotels on both sides of I 81 and a nice big truck stop to refuel and pick up road supplies. Three Little Pigs is a much better choice. Check it out next time you go by.

      Three Lil Pigs BBQ @ 120 Kingston Dr., Daleville, VA 540 - 966 - 0165.

      Roanoke has quite a few nice restaurants but they are mostly in town. The restaurants near I 81 don't compare. If you should spend the night in Roanoke go check out these places for good road food. Blues BBQ, Fork in the Alley for pizza, burgers, sandwiches, Harbor Inn Seafood, Hollywood's Restaurant and Bakery for lunch/dinner, The Roanoker for breakfast and Wildwood Smokehouse BBQ.

      Blues BBQ @ 107 Market Street SE, Roanoke, VA 540 - 344 - 5683.
      Fork in the Alley @ 2123 Crystal Spring Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 540 - 982 - 3675.
      Harbor Inn Seafood @ 7416 Williamson Rd., Roanoke, VA 540 - 563 - 0001.
      Hollywood's Restaurant and Bakery @ 7770 Williamson Rd., Roanoke, VA 540 - 362 - 1812.
      The Roanoker Restaurant @ 2522 Colonial Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 540 - 344 - 7746.
      Wildwood Smokehouse @ 2041 Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 540 - 989 - 2100.

      In Christiansburg just on down the road a piece is Dude's, Due South, Farm House and Summit. All are very good places to eat.

      Dude's Drive In @ 1505 Roanoke St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 7901.
      Due South BBQ @1465 Roanoke St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 381 - 2922.
      Farm House Food @ 285 Ridinger St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 4253. .
      Summit Restaurant @ 95 College St., Christiansburg, VA 540 - 382 - 7218.

      In Fairlawn @ Exit 105 is Troy's Steaks and Pizza but it's 10 minutes or so W of I 81 and W of Radford in Fairlawn in town. Good place for road food.

      Troy's Steaks, Subs and Pizza @ 7339 Peppers Ferry Boulevard, Fairlawn, VA 540 - 731 - 4611.

      On I 81 in Wytheville, VA stop at Smokey's BBQ at Exit 70 or 73. Peking Chinese Restaurant is outstanding also. C J's Pizza is good if you have kids.

      Smokey's BBQ @ 1090 East Main Street, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 9014.
      Peking Chinese Restaurant @ 105 Malin Drive, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 5515.
      C J's Pizza @ 1025 West Lee Highway, Wytheville, VA 276 - 228 - 8448.

      Harvest Table Restaurant at Exit 24 in Meadowview, VA is outstanding for lunch or dinner.

      Harvest Table Restaurant @ 13180 Meadowview Square, Meadowview, VA 276 - 944 - 5142.

      At Abingdon, VA there's some fine places. Have lunch at the House on Main and dine on the porch,. Have lunch or dinner at Peppermill or BBQ at Parks BBQ at Exit 17. Chick N Little is good country food and Ellis Soda Shop and Grill has good salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers and more with outdoor seating as well. Wildflower Bakery and Cafe is great for breakfast,lunch or dinner and it's close to I 81 at Exit 19. Your next stop is Wytheville, VA.

      The House on Main @ 231 West Main St., Abingdon, VA 276 - 619 - 0039.
      Parks Mill BBQ @ 21405 Parks Mill Rd., Abingdon, VA 276 - 628 - 9191.
      Peppermill Restaurant @ 967 West Main St., Abingdon, VA 276 - 623 - 0530.
      Chick N Little @ 401 West Main St., Abingdon, VA 276 - 628 - 6690.
      Ellis Soda Shoppe and Grill @ 217 West Main St., Abingdon, VA 276 - 623 - 8187.
      Wild Flower Bakery and Cafe @ 24443 Lee Hwy., Abingdon, VA 276 - 676 - 4221.
      If you have time to detour to Johnson City or Bluff City then Cootie Brown's and Ridgewood BBQ are good road stops.

      Cootie Brown's @ 2715 North Roan St., Johnson City, TN 423 - 283 - 4723.
      Ridgewood BBQ @ 900 Elizabethton Hwy., Bluff City, TN 423 - 538 - 7543.

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        Phil's Dream Pit BBQ is excellent at Exit 67AB near Kingsport, TN go E on I 26 just a minute to Exit 10 then go N on Eastern Star Rd. a minute. About 5 minutes off I 81.
        Phil's Dream Pit @ 534 Eastern Star Rd., Kingsport, TN 423 - 349 - 6437.
        Just N about 10 miles on E side of I 81 is Dixie Outpost BBQ if you prefer at Exit 69. Go E on # 394 a mile or two then turn left or N on # 126 just a few minutes to Dixie.
        Dixie Outpost BBQ @ 3172 Highway 126, Blountville, TN 423 - 574 - 7447.
        Troutdale Bistro is the place for lunch/dinner in Bristol, TN.
        Troutdale Bistro @ 724 State St., Bristol, TN 423 - 989 - 3663.
        Cootie Brown's @ 2715 North Roan St., Johnson City, TN 423 - 283 - 4723.
        Ridgewood BBQ @ 900 Elizabethton Hwy., Bluff City, TN 423 - 538 - 7543.

        Troutdale Bistro
        724 State St, Bristol, TN 37620

        Cootie Brown's
        1919 N Eastman Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660

        Phil's Dream Pit
        534 Eastern Star Rd, Kingsport, TN 37663

      2. Here's a neat place 30 miles E of Knoxville with good seafood for lunch. If you don't eat you can rest and get a cold drink. Get off I 40 at Exit 417 and go S on Hwy. 92 a couple of miles to Dandridge, TN. This runs into Meeting St. Go 5/6 blocks to Dandridge Seafood Restaurant.

        Dandridge Seafood Restaurant @ 310 East Meeting St., Dandridge, TN 865 - 397 - 2315.

        I would rather go to Smoky's Steak and BBQ which is one street over on E. Main and before the Dandridge Seafood Restaurant. They have good burgers, salads, etc. Smoky's is a very nice restaurant in an attractive location with outdoor dining on the front porch. Check this link for their menu.

        Smoky's Steak and BBQ @ 149 East Main St., Dandridge, TN 865 - 397 - 2272.

        Litton's is a good family restaurant in Knoxville, TN but it's not convenient to I 40. If you took the I 640 by pass around Knoxville, TN on the N side it's pretty convenient. Get off I 640 at Exit 6 and go N on N Broadway SE to Litton's for good country family food.

        Litton's Market and Restaurant @ 2803 Essary Dr., Knoxville, TN 865 - 688 - 0429.

        Get off I 75 at Exit 373 on the S side and hit the first street left on Parkside and go about a mile to Smokey Mountrain Brewery for pizza, burgers and steaks. Get back on I 75 and head N on I 75/I 40 past Knoxville.

        Smokey Mountain Brewery @ 11308 Parkside Dr., Knoxville, TN 865 - 288 - 5500.

        The folks that own Smokey Mountain own Copper Cellar just N of SM at Exit 380 S of I 75 on Parkside also convenient to plenty of shopping and just a minute off I 75. Both places are similar.

        Copper Cellar Restaurant @ 7316 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 865 - 673 - 3422.

        Get off I 40 at Exit 287 in Cookeville, TN and go N on S Jefferson to Maddux Station at E Spring Street for good road food. Go to Brass Lantern in Crossville for good road food. Dickey's has good BBQ and Halcyon is a fun dining choice.

        Brass Lantern Restaurant and Lounge @ 79 Chestnut Hill Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 7657.
        Dickey's BBQ Pit @ 965 Northside Dr., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 4900.
        Halcyon Days Restaurant @ 2444 Genesis Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 456 - 3663.

        Get off I 40 at Exit 258 at Gordonsville, TN and go N on Gordonsville Highway to Timberloft for good BBQ and road food for lunch or dinner.

        Timberloft Restaurant @ 470 Gordonsville Highway, Gordonsville, TN 615 - 683 - 5070.

        Get off I 40 at Exit 238 in Lebanon, TN and go N on S Cumberland to Sunset Restaurant for good country food.

        Sunset Restaurant @ 640 South Cumberland St., Lebanon, TN 615 - 444 - 9530.

        Get off I 40 at Exit 1A in Nashville, TN and go back E on West End about a mile and then turn left on 25th Ave. N just past Centennial Park take your 1st right on Elliston and Rotier's is just ahead. Have a great country meal there in one of Nashville's most well liked restaurants serving good seafood, steaks, sandwiches and plain ole good food in great atmosphere. Opens around 10:30 AM for lunch and dinner and closed on Sunday.

        Rotier's Restaurant @ 2413 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 615 - 327 - 9892.

        Good country food is at Exit 204 on I 40. Get off and go right on Robertson Ave. then take your first left on Charlotte Ave. go past the shopping center on your left and take a left on 53rd Ave. N and Wendell Smith's is on your left open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving good soul and country food. There's a Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort and Baymont back at Robertson where you get back on I 40 if you want to stay there. If you stay in this area you can go back to Wendell Smith's for breakfast.

        Wendell Smith's @ 407 53rd Ave. North, Nashville, TN 615 - 383 - 7114.

        Get off I 40 at Exit # 80A at Jackson, TN and get off to the right on Hwy. 186/45 then turn into Casey Jones Old Country Store on the right. This is a large complex with Casey Jone's Home and Museum and some shops. The Old Country Store serves a buffet of outstanding country food for breakfast, lunch or dinner and opens at 6:30 AM.

        Old Country Store @ 56 Casey Jones Lane, Jackson, TN 731 - 668 - 1223.

        Memphis BBQ is the best in the U. S. but there are very few joints close to I 40 that are convenient for long distance travelers that are usually in a big hurry and like to stop at places close to the IS. Cozy Corner is not too much trouble though.

        If you want to stop in Memphis, TN for BBQ I suggest you go to Cozy Corner BBQ due to it's location close to I 40. Right before you cross the Mississippi River get off I 40 at Exit 1B and go N on N Danny Thomas Blvd. Go about 2 blocks and you will pass St. Jude Children's Hospital then take a right on N. Parkway. Go 2 blocks to Cozy Corner for outstanding BBQ.

        Cozy Corner @ 745 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN. 901 - 527 - 9158.

        The best BBQ in Memphis, TN can be found at A & R. BBQ Shop, Central, Rendezvous, Cozy Corner, Interstate, Neely's, One and Only and Payne's.

        A & R Bar B Que @ 1802 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, TN. 901 - 774 - 7444.
        BBQ Shop @ 1782 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 1277.
        Central BBQ @ 2249 Central Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 9377.
        Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous @ 52 S. Second St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 523 - 2746.
        Cozy Corner @ 745 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN. 901 - 527 - 9158.
        Interstate BBQ @ 2265 S. Third St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 775 - 2304.
        Neely's BBQ @ 670 Jefferson St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 521 - 9798.
        One and Only BBQ @ 1779 Kirby Pkwy., Memphis, TN 901 - 751 - 3615.
        Paynes BBQ @ 1762 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 1523.
        The BBQ Shop and One and Only are my favorites but Payne's is famous for their pulled pork sandwich.
        Incidentally Interstate BBQ in Southaven, MS just reopened after a huge renovation.
        Interstate BBQ @ 150 Stateline Road W, Southaven, MS. 662 - 393 - 5699.

        1. For outstanding BBQ stop at Roadside BBQ @ Exit 271 off I 40 In W Memphis, AR.

          Roadside BBQ @ 196 Arkansas 147, West Memphis, AR 870 - 733 - 9208.

          Go to The Ole Sawmill Cafe for outstanding breakfast, lunch or dinner in Forrest City, AR. Go to Craig's in De Vall's Bluff, AR. Go to Nick's BBQ in Carlisle, AR. Go to Pruett's in Lonoke, AR.

          The Ole Sawmill Cafe @ 2299 N. Washington St., Forrest City, AR 870 - 630 - 2299.

          Craig's BBQ @ Rt. 70, Devalls Bluff, AR. 501 - 998 - 2616.
          Nick's Bar B Que @ Hwy. 13 N., Carlisle, AR. 870 - 552 - 3887.

          Pruett's Bar B Que @ 108 E. 8th St., Lonoke, AR. 501 - 676 - 2622.

          Here are a few places with good road food in Conway, AR near I 40.

          Mike's Place @ 808 Front Street, Conway, AR 501 - 269 - 6453.
          Shorty Small's @ 1475 Hogan Lane, Conway, AR 501 - 764 - 0604.

          Smitty's BBQ @ 740 South Harkrider St., Conway, AR. 501 - 327 - 8304.

          Stoby's Restaurant @ 805 Donaghey Avenue, Conway, AR 501 - 327 - 5447.

          E of Atkins is a good place for lunch or dinner at Morrilton Drive Inn in Morrilton, AR. Beverly's Diner in Atkins, AR is a nice place to stop for good road food. When you get to Russellville, AR you could stop at CJ's, Colton's, Old Post or Pudgy's for good road food. Headed East on I 40 you could stop in Ozark, AR for good BBQ @ Rivertowne.

          Morrilton Drive In Restaurant @ 1601 Oak St., Morrilton, AR 501 - 354 - 8343.
          Beverly's Family Diner @ 502 North Church St., Atkins, AR 479 - 641 - 0046.
          C J's Butcher Boy Burgers @ 2803 North Arkansas Ave., Russellville, AR 479 - 968 - 2300.
          Colton's Steakhouse & Grill @ 2320 North Arkansas Ave., Russellville, AR 479 - 880 - 2333.

          Old Post BBQ @ 407 S. AR Ave., Russellville, AR. 479 - 968 - 2421.
          Pudgy Pig BBQ @ 2405 E. Parkway Dr., Russellville, AR. 479 - 967 - 6062.
          Rivertowne BBQ @ 205 S. 3rd St., Ozark, AR. 479 - 667 - 1808.

          Get off I 40 at Exit 325 at Ft. Smith, AR and go E on Robert Pine Blvd. which turns into Garrison Ave. when you cross the river. Go to Rolando's Restaurante for outstanding Mexican cuisine for lunch or dinner. If you prefer BBQ go to Neumeier's Rib Room just down the street.

          Rolando's Restaurante @ 223 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith, AR 479 - 573 - 0404.

          Neumeier's Rib Room @ 817 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith, AR 479 - 494 - 7427.

          In Oklahoma City, OK take Exit 139 off I 40 N to Kilpatrick Turnpike. Go 5 miles and take Highway 66 E. Go 6 miles to Ann's Chicken Fry House for outstanding road food for lunch or dinner. When you get your fill of good fried chicken go E less than a mile to I 44 and go S to I 40 about 3/4 miles to I 40. Get over in your left lane going S and take the I 40 E ramp to I 40 E. For outstanding BBQ get off I 40 at Exit 150 A and go N on S Walker Ave. Take your second left on Reno and go E to Oklahoma. Take a right on Oklahoma and go to S E 2nd. Take a right and go to Johnny Bench Drive to Earl's BBQ. You can see Earl's from I 40 but it sure is difficult to reach. The BBQ makes it worth the effort.

          You may want good ole country food for breakfast or lunch or a fine steak for dinner. Cattlemen's Steakhouse located in the Oklahoma Stockyards offers outstanding road food and it's the most convenient location off I 40 in Oklahoma City, OK. Get off I 40 at Exit 148 A and go S on S Agnew Ave. to Cattlemen's Steakhouse. I would have a hard time trying to choose between fried chicken, BBQ or Cattlemen's country food.

          Ann's Chicken Fry House @ 4106 Northwest 39th St., Oklahoma City, OK 405 - 943 - 8915.
          Earl's Rib Palace @ 216 Johnny Bench Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 405 - 272 - 9898.

          Cattlemen's Steakhouse @ 1309 South Agnew Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 405 - 236 - 0416.

          Get off I 40 in Amarillo, TX at Exit 68 B to Georgia St. Turn N and go to Frontage Road. Take a left then take your first right on S Kentucky to Dyer's BBQ for outstanding road food for lunch or dinner.

          Dyer's BBQ @ 1619 South Kentucky St., Amarillo, TX 806 - 358 - 7104.

          Get off I 40 at Exit 332 in Tucumcari, NY and go N on S 1st St. to Tucumcari Blvd. Take a right and go to Kix on 66 for good road food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
          Kix on 66 @ 1102 East Tucumcari Boulevard, Tucumcari, NM 575 - 461 - 1966.

          Get off I 40 in Albuquerque, NM at Exit 159 B to I 25 S and go to Exit 224 B on I 25 S. Exit and go back E on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. Go 5 blocks and take a right on Maple. Go 3 blocks to Central and turn right to go to 66 Diner for outstanding road food for lunch or dinner. For outstanding Southwest cuisine for breakfast go 7/8 blocks E on Central from Maple to Frontier Restaurant.
          If you want good road food in Albuquerque and don't have time to get too far off I 40 get off at Exit 160 and go N on Carlisle Blvd. NE to Rudy's Country Store and BBQ.

          66 Diner @ 1405 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 505 - 247 - 1421.

          Frontier Restaurant @ 2400 Central Avenue SE, Albuquerque, NM 505 - 266 - 0550.

          Rudy's Country Store and BBQ @ 2321 Carlisle Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 505 - 884 - 4000.

          If you like historic buildings get off I 40 at Exit 22 in Gallup, NM and go S on Ford Drive just across the RR tracks to The El Rancho Hotel on Historic Route 66 which has been home to John Wayne and many movie stars filming in the NM area. It was built in 1937. Have lunch or cold drinks at The Restaurant and Bar at the El Rancho Hotel. If you prefer breakfast, lunch or dinner at a real joint go past the El Rancho Hotel and go S on Highway 118 or Historic Route 66 to S 4th Street then take a left and go to Jerry's Cafe at 406 W Coal Street. If Jerry's looks too rough go S on Route 66 past S 7th Street to Don Diego's Restaurant and Lounge for outstanding Mexican cuisine.

          I believe lunch at El Rancho Hotel would be wonderful as you could enjoy the historic building and get good food and cold drinks at the same time.

          El Rancho Hotel Restaurant and Bar @ 1000 E. US 66, Gallup, NM 800 - 543 - 6351.

          Jerry's Cafe @ 406 West Coal Avenue, Gallup, NM 505 - 722 - 6775.
          Don Diego's Restaurant and Lounge @ 801 W Historic Highway 66, Gallup, NM 505 - 722 - 5517

          You may want to stop and rest when you reach Holbrook, AZ. Get off I 40 at Exit 286 and go S on Navajo Blvd. to W Hopi Drive and outstanding homemade Mexican/American cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Joe and Aggie's Cafe.

          Joe and Aggie's Cafe @ 120 West Hopi Drive, Holbrook, AZ 928 - 524 - 6540.

          Winslow, AZ is an interesting town on Route 66. Get off I 40 at Exit 255 and go S to E 3rd Street. Take a right and go W to N Kinsley Avenue then take a left to e 2nd Street and have a cold drink or lunch at the gorgeous Turquoise Room Restaurant at La Posada Hotel. You will love the national historic landmark hotel which was built in 1929 for Santa Fe Railroad.

          Turquoise Room at The La Posada Hotel @ 303 East 2nd St., Winslow, AZ 928 - 289 - 2888.

          When you reach Flagstaff, AZ you may want to take a short break and see the N Arizona U Campus. Take a right at Exit 195 off I 40 and go N on S Milton Road to Buster's Restaurant and Bar for a nice lunch and cold drinks.

          Buster's Restaurant and Bar @ 1800 South Milton Road, Flagstaff, AZ 928 - 774 - 5155.

          Williams, AZ is on the Southwest Amtrak route and historic Route 66. Williams, AZ is also near the S Rim of Grand Canyon National Park and serves as a major tourist stop for visitors to GCNP. The altitude here is about 6,800 feet which contributes to the beautiful scenery around Williams, AZ making it a nice place to visit and enjoy. Get off I 40 at Exit 163 and go S on N Grand Canyon Blvd. to Pine Country Restaurant on N Grand Canyon for breakfast, lunch or dinner or go by Twister's Soda Fountain on E Route 66 for good burgers and steaks or a cold drink. Stop by Old Smokey's on W Route 66 for breakfast or lunch.

          Pine Country Restaurant @ 107 North Grand Canyon Boulevard, Williams, AZ 928 - 635 - 9718.

          Twister's Soda Fountain @ 417 E Route 66, Williams, AZ 928 - 635 - 0266.
          Old Smokey's Restaurant @ 624 W Route 66, Williams, AZ 928 - 635 - 1915.

          Seligman, AZ is a very small town on Route 66 that is a nice place to stop for a rest. Go by Delgadillo's Snow Cap for good burgers and cold drinks. The Roadkill Cafe is fun and Westside Lillo's Cafe is a nice place for breakfast, lunch or dinner on their outdoor patio if the weather permits.

          Delgadillo's Snow Cap @ 301 E Chino Ave., Seligman, AZ 928 - 422 - 3291.

          The Road Kill Cafe @ 502 W Hwy 66, Seligman, AZ 928 - 422 - 3554.

          Westside Lilo's Cafe @ 415 West Chino Street, Seligman, AZ 928 - 422 - 5456.

          Kingman, AZ has some nice places for good road food. Get off at Exit 48 off I 40 and go W on Route 66 which is W Beale Street to Redneck Southern Pit BBQ. If you don't like BBQ then stop at Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner on E Andy Devine Avenue for good road food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Head W on Beale Street which will take you to Highway 93 and LV, NV.

          Redneck Southern Pit BBQ @ 420 W Beale St., Kingman, AZ 928 - 757 - 8227.
          Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner @ 105 East Andy Devine Avenue, Kingman, AZ 928 - 718 - 0066.

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            As current Memphian and Washington and Lee Univ. Alum, I echo Littleman's rec. for a stop in Lexington, VA. It is a very beautiful place with a growing number of good restaurants. Some others include The Red Hen on E. Washington St., Macado's at Main and Washington, and one of my college favorite's, Frank's Pizza and Subs, which is very close to I-81.

            At Memphis, due to conservation efforts years ago, 40 does not continue through town. Instead you must choose to take the north or south loop (240). Each reconnects with 40 on the west side of town. If you take the south loop, it is not too much trouble to get to A&R, which Littleman recommends. Also, I don't think its that much more trouble to go to The Rendevouz than Cozy Corner, but you need to know the differences. Cozy Corner is a humble establishment, but it is true Memphis style BBQ (add in the cornish game hen and BBQ bologna). The Rendevouz is much more of a tourist thing, but when its good, its very good. Stay away from the pulled pork there and have the ribs. The are not true Memphis style, but do a have a dry rub applied after char-grilling.

            Cozy Corner Restaurant
            745 N Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105

          2. WOW! All I can say is thank you for all the recommendations! This will be my 3rd drive across taking the same route, and now I will definitely be sure to have some killer food stops to look forward to along the way. The anticipation is building! Would love to stop off in Lexington- I have never been. @ Littleman- a big thank you for the giant list- this will be very helpful with all the links to the websites. and @ jamie & michael- I will for sure be stopping off in memphis. Since I regrettably haven't done that yet. I am dying for some ribs... and I am especially curious of this barbecued bologna you speak of!

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              I would take the I 240 loop around the N side of Memphis. You can get off and go to Cozy Corner or go S when you exit and go to Rendezvous. Rendezvous is old history and you may like it best. You will get to see downtown, The Peabody and Beale Street. Good luck.

              Cozy Corner Restaurant
              745 N Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105