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Feb 16, 2011 02:33 PM

Williamsburg Help

I've been reading through Williamsburg threads and was looking for some current guidance. I'm being dragged to a waterpark with my family of four and another family of four. The only dining experiences I've had in this area were average and overpriced. Are there any good free-standing restaurants not too far from Great Wolf Lodge. Also, how far of a drive is Pierce's and is it worth a visit. Second Street Restaurant looks like a decent place, but is it ok for kids and a larger group. Please help.

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  1. Pierce's is pretty close to Great Wolf and I'd say worth the drive for BBQ.

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      It's been over twenty years since I've been to Pierce's and have read some mixed reviews lately. Glad to hear a positive vote, as I want it to be worth a visit.

    2. We live about an hour away from Williamsburg, and used to take day trips with our children to ride bikes around the restored area. One of the favorite places for our children was the College Deli just across the street from the W & M College football stadium. Good basic sandwiches, subs, and deli fare.

      The Green Leafe Cafe is just across the side street from the College Deli, and it has become a favorite of my wife and I. Good sandwich fare, and great pitchers of beer for the adults.

      This may be a bit more expensive, but you might try eating at one of the restored colonial taverns for a taste of colonial VA. Most consider this over-rated, but it's nice to try it once.

      Make sure you take the kids to the baker on Duke of Gloucester Street in the restored area for colonial style ginger bread and cider. Our children loved this.

      From the Great Wolfe Lodge, you can drive out Richmond Road west towards Richmond and find many of the regular tourist type restaurants.

      Pierces is close to I-64 near the Lightfoot exit, but not too far away. It has become more commercial over the years since I was a child, but I'm sure the BBQ is good. I really like their BBQ suace.

      1. Thanks for the help. We ended up having pretty good meals on our quick trip. To recap, we had brunch at Second Street, take-out from Pierce's and lunch at Blue Talon.

        Second Street has a fun brunch menu and good wine list. Highlights included crispy pork wings, crab chowder and a crabcake benedict. Overcooked eggs were a problem, so make sure you specify runny yolks if you're into that.

        Pierce's barbecue was tasty and definitely worth a visit. The style is advertised as Tennessee, so don't expect Carolina barbecue because of the proximity. Pulled chicken and pulled pork were both moist, smokey and delicious. The sauce is a little heavy and sweet compared to vinegar versions, but perfectly tasty. Ribs were slightly toothsome with a nice smoke flavor, but not going to win any competitions. Sides were hit or miss. Baked beans, mac & cheese and collards were good, while the slaw, green beans and hush puppies were not. The slaw was almost a deal breaker, as I find it essential to a good barbecue plate. This was clearly not homemade, and tasted like something out of a grocery store. That being said, the pulled pork and chicken were completely delicious and warrant a return visit

        Lunch at Blue Talon was truly a great meal. I had dinner there last year and the meal was good, but very pricey. Our expectations were completely exceeded. Everything I tried was great. Open faced pot roast sandwich (cooked perfectly), cheeseburger with fried egg, foie gras mousse, black bean soup, escargot, fries, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, onion soup and vegetable bisque were all killer. The only thing I didn't like was inexplicably bad iced tea, so stick to water and wine.

        If you ever get roped into a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and you enjoy good food, make sure not to eat on site as we ate quite well in the area.