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Uses for pickled onions?

Made some pickled eggs, no water, cider vinegar, garlic, lots of garlic, and about every spice that sounded good at the time and Cholula, lots of that, too. Potent stuff! Had a couple of yellow onions left over so I sliced and pickled them, too. Other than in salads or just as a munchie what can I do with them? They are really good with beer, or about anything else, but, even my dogs hide from my breath after eating them. I don't know whether I have garlicky onions or oniony garlic. Any suggestions?

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  1. I put them in carnitas, or tacos when I make them. I love to use red onions, because they turn a beautiful pink color.

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      yes yes yes...love the WILD fuschia color they turn...and I agree: so very delish with most Mexican foods!

    2. They're amazing on/in sandwiches and wraps, burgers, brats or other sausages, grilled cheese... Other than lettuce-type salads, they're great in potato salad too!

      On pizza? Or make pickled-onion focaccia?

      1. Beat me to it - use a Yucatecan style recipe:
        Sour (Seville) orange is best, but the grapefruit/orange/lime combo is pretty good. Pineapple or apple cider vinegar is third choice, not bad either.

        Coincidentally I just returned to the Yucatecan spot in my rotation - pibil pavo, black beans, pickled red onions, xnipec.

        NO garlic with the pickled onions. You're welcome :-).

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          No garlic? I should have read before I pickled. Those things are potent! I think I'll do some onion dicing while waiting for this storm to end so I can shovel a path to my grill. Burgers, brats, anything to throw under them.

        2. I would think that would be savage good on a brat.

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            I was just thinking the same thing. Especially sauteed. Would work for a burger or dog, too.

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              I have never tried sauteing pickled onions, yet. I plan to now though.

          2. Love them on just about everything. Terrific on a bowl of chili, a taco salad, and they make an ordinary sandwich terrific. Love them with chicken or tuna salad. They make a Cuban sandwich fabulous. Last time I got them out was for an Asian noodle bowl. BTW, I have a really old Mexican cookbook where they're called "soused" onions, and that recipe has a bit of garlic only, and includes some water. I keep them in a jar in the fridge alongside different hot sauces (they keep for months), and anytime I try a recipe that turns out to be sorta blah I may grab them to add some zing.

            1. I'm not sure how it's going to be, but in a few minutes I'm going to make a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and pickled red onions. I think it's going to be delicious.

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                Update on my potato- holy crap it was delicious! That combo of flavors really worked!!!!

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                  Well, well, well. I am quite the low carber but Monday had planned a steakhouse dinner of steak and loaded potato. I think I know what I'm putting on it. Did you season the onions?

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                    The exact recipe I used for the onions is about 3 posts below this one...I'm not sure I can ever eat a baked potato without sour cream and pickled onions now...

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                      Duh, you just gave me your recipe! Thanks.

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                      Sorry, not sure I replied correctly to your post! No, I didn't do any additional seasoning to the onions- they were straight out of the jar. I did salt and pepper the potato though!

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                      Wow, thanks so much for the tips! I whipped up a jar this morning and just had a taste from the fridge and they are outstanding! We are having a taco party tomorrow afternoon so they will definitely be among the toppings and Monday is steak and potato night and I already know what's going on my potato. Who needs bacon?

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                        Glad you enjoyed them! And yeah...this is so much tastier (and a lot less calories) than bacon! The sour cream/pickled onion combo is so good, I'm wondering what else I can put that on??? Besides tacos (which we already know is delicious!!)

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                          I have been pondering the options as well, let me know if you come up with something good.

                  2. Doing a Potato Anna type of dish with a layer or two those inside might be awesome....or just plain old scalloped potato

                    1. Any tips from anyone on how to pickle onions? Can I just throw some in vinegar with whatever seasonings?

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                        Super easy- just thinly slice and blanch one red onion (you don't have to blanch it if you want it crisp), then drain and set aside. Boil about a cup or so of white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar (or a combo of 2 or all) and throw in your spices- I used black peppercorns, a cinnamon stick, and crushed red pepper. Add a teaspoon or so of sugar. When it comes to a boil, add in the onions for a minute or so, then pour everything in a mason jar (or any airtight container). It should last a few weeks, and will get better with each passing day. Feel free to use what ever spices you wish!

                      2. I agree with everyone else's suggestions, but I have to add bagels with lox. A fresh bagel with chive cream cheese, lox, capers, and pickled onions for breakfast is theee best.

                          1. Just now catching up on this since it's been revived.

                            I discovered the joy of pickled onions more than 10 years ago when I first made them as part of the recipe for New Year’s Eve Gougères with Arugula, Bacon, & Carol’s Pickled Onions from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook ( http://leitesculinaria.com/968/recipe... ), a recipe that never fails to thrill guests. They are now a staple in my fridge, added mostly to sandwiches but delightful with any kind of fatty or rich food, with grilled poultry or fried fish, or atop various crostini. The recipe listed here makes pickled onion rings that are not too sweet (as some recipes tend to be, at least to my taste).

                            1. A spur of the moment hit - this afternoon I made a tuna salad an avocado sandwich topped with pickled onions and crusty wheat bread.

                              1. I'd recommend as an accompaniment to a charcuterie plate, particularly with pate. The sharp sourness cuts through the fattiness of the charcuterie.

                                1. Cannot believe no one has mentioned BEANS. A big pot of pintos or black eyed peas or Black beans topped with sour cream and pickled onions with a side of cornbread is a southern staple. You don't even have to have the sour cream...but those vinegary onions cut the richness of the beans and add the right amount of zip. Dang it, now I'm hungry!