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Feb 16, 2011 12:35 PM

Apollo Victoria Theatre - Where is a good place to get a drink after the show

Where would be a good place to get a "mixology" drink after the show, since we will be dressed up from being at the show / tea will want to go someplace more upscale and perhaps a bit more outgoing

someone had mentioned marks bar @ hix, however that is not close per google maps so maybe they thought the theatre was in a different part of london

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  1. Is there anything good near the theatre or are we better off going back toward the hotel etc

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      a short hop in a cab would take you to Hyde Park corner and all the big hotel bars - Mandarin Oriental, Berkeley etc.

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        you're about two steps away from the lovely old school goring hotel

        great for a drink

      2. If by mixology you mean an attentively made and carefully crafted cocktail in the contemporary backward looking style, then it's quite possible that The Goring might be perfectly serviceable, however I think few would disagree that the paucity of good cocktail bars in London means it might not be worth the risk. I'd therefore advise a short cab ride to Rules, or perhaps the American Bar at the Savoy. Hix is decent, but if it's crowded the cocktail service suffers. Mixology can also mean a molecular approach to the construction of cocktails, and for this there's only one address you need: 69 Colebrooke Row. Save that for a night at the Almeida perhaps.

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          69 Colebrooke seems very far away from the theatre and quite far from the hotel etc. (ashburn hotel)

          I looked at their drink menu and didnt see anything with Gin in it, which we generally fancy over another liquor - what is the colebrooke place doing that others are not?

          I have checked out Purl's website, and that place seems very cool and is closer (i think but correct me if i am wrong) - Rules was another place i was considering as well and that seems about equidistant from the apollo victoria as Purl

          I checked out the American Bar website, 14 pounds a drink and many of their rum drinks use bacardi, i guess i would question their quality - I have over 10+ different bottles of rum for making tiki drinks and the only reason i have a bottle of bacardi is that i got it from another friend who doesnt like bacardi and i kept it so that no one drinks the better rums with a coke or ginger ale ;) Cruzan makes a much better white rum than bacardi at the same price point, and i would asume they would use flor de cana 4 year white or something on that level for those prices - at least they have the proper recipe for a mai tai - although a well made ramos gin fizz would be delicious

          well it looks like rules and american bar are super maybe that is the best choice to check them both out

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            The Savoy's American Bar might be fun to check out. The hotel was totally renovated and is very swanky and great-looking.

            1. re: zuriga1

              Do rules or the american bar require reservations for the bar area? Some of the craft cocktail bars in the us do, wasn't sure if that is required

              1. re: Dapuma

                have never failed to get a seat at Rules, it's very discreet and underpatronised. The American Bar again, I've been twice since it reopened and had no problem getting a seat. The back bar is strong, though in the european mould, so I haven't checked out there rums and I doubt they'd be much cop at tiki drinks, but they do the classics well, with an excellent range of gins, vermouths and aperitivos.
                Colebrooke Row is a very strong cocktail bar, their list is a small fraction of what they do, and it's the finest exponent of craft cocktail culture in London (ie barrel aging cocktails, fabricating house bitters etc.)
                Would say Rules is the best option though.