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Feb 16, 2011 11:16 AM

Ships Restaurant Westport, CT (back in the day)....

Dating myself here (granted), but does anyone remember the restaurant in Westport Center ( CT )... Called Ships?? I'm talkin during the 80's, it was there on the Post Rd right smack in the center of town. Now its Tiffany & Co... before that it was Eddie Bauer. WAS a great place. Had friends who tended bar there and waited tables... good times cocktailing.

SOMEWHERE I have seen at another restaurant recently where the menu had a reference to their Seafood Bisque being the very same recipe from the now closed Ships. I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this but it was someplace in Greater Ffld County. Can anyone be of help here finding it perhaps?

thx folks... tjd

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  1. Oh Ships...they had a great shrimp salad sandwich! I cannot help you out regarding the Seafood Bisque, but I will keep my eyes open whenever I am out and looking at a menu!

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      Was not salad, it was the shrimp Supreme, suateed in sherry with swiss and chives?

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      1. I know it's almost a year later but just read your post. I was one of the original operators of Ships. Was there from 76 through 79. A great place with a lot of great memories. Used to make the Bisque every day, those were the days.

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            I truly lamented Ships passing. What caused it to close?

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              We were there and enjoyed Ship's especially the chowder! The Little Pub in Ridgefield has produced a good replica. I want to make some so where can I get the receipe?

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                My mom and I lived in the apartments above ships from 73-77!! Our entrance was on taylor place next to the taxi service

              2. You saw that tidbit on the menu for Little Pub in Ridgefield. Nothing comes close to Ships, sadly.

                1. Great memories of Ship's, escpecially their Seafood bisque. Tucker's in Fairfield has the closest version.

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                    Sorry, I know this is somewhat unrelated but anyone remember The Clam Box? I worked there a gazillion years ago, granted in it's waning years. But they had the most extensive list of fish i had and have ever seen At least 10 to 15 different varieties daily.

                    1. re: diakon

                      I loved The Clam Box . (And Ship's, too.)

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                        Of course! Up on the Post Road near to exit 18. Another restaurant I was sad to see go. though I have more memories of Allen's Clam House between Old Mill and Compo. Does anyone remember that?

                      2. re: greguar

                        I loved ships too. I knew a bartender there who basically worked there to meet girls. Great bartender though and he made a damn good Bombay Gimlet. God I miss those times.

                        Once again dating myself... 1978 I hade my highschool graduation dinner at the Clambox. Ruby Red Colossal Baked Stuffed Shrimp. Awesome.

                        1. re: tjd241

                          Used to eat at Ship's all the time late 70's. I remember they had a giant burger with all kinds of toppings, including a fried egg! Delish.

                          1. re: jillian

                            Way back before a fried egg on a burger was trendy!

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                            I'm not that far behind you. I had my graduation from Staples in 1984. I thought everyone went to the bar @ Ships to meet girls.

                            1. re: artychokeasana

                              Yes, Ships Lantern had the best seafood bisque of all time and that includes Cape Cod! The Black Duck's clam chowder is currently, we feel the closest thing to the SL bisque. The Ship's cheeseburger has rated in my book as the best ever. Most recently, I have found the burger at the Griswold Inn in Essex the closest in burger perfection to the Ships. Don' t get me wrong, I love the fru fru burgers these days like at Gray Goose, Le Farm, The Welk but I'm talking good old bar food. Just a side... I really miss Chubby Lanes and The Big Top!!