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Feb 16, 2011 11:01 AM

Decent Mexican Food in Northern Baltimore?

I'm looking for recs for good Mexican food in Northern B'more... Towson, Timonium, Hunt Valley, etc. Looking for something a definite cut above the chain/fast food places.


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  1. If it's not too inconvenient I'd head to Pikesville and try Mari Luna. There are two, of which I prefer the Mexican Grill, which is further south on Reisterstown Road.

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    1. re: edresner

      Thanks! Have been to Mari Luna Latin Grill with the Mrs., will try the Mexican Grill.

      Mari Luna
      Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

    2. No such thing. If you find, I'm all ears!

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      1. re: kungpho

        OK, well I answered my own question... sort of. These two places, while not exclusively "Mexican" (in the sense of, say, the old Hacienda restaurant that was on Belair Rd.) fit the bill:

        * Pollo Amigo (Towson)
        * Tropical Grill (Cockeysville)

        My understanding is that Pollo Amigo is Peruvian, while Tropical Grill is Salvadorian. Both are excellent -- Pollo Amigo has amazing, smoky chicken, so anything with chicken as a filling is wonderful (we tried a chicken burrito and chicken enchiladas). Definitely ask for the "green sauce".

        Tropical Grill has a larger menu, including tasty pupusas, tamales and paella. The veggie burrito here was really huge, chicken tacos were excellent.

        Neither place has an elaborate sit-down dining experience, but we were after take out, so it didn't matter.

        I loved them both!

      2. The place on York Road, just south of the Towson Library, on the west side of the street. Used to be called "Mexican Seafood Bistro"; not sure about the current name.

        Seafood Bistro
        123 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204

        1. I spent several years in Baltimore while I was dating my wife and went to all sorts of restuarants around town. Best Mexican food that I found was at Blue Agave in Federal Hill. Not exactly North Baltimore, but it a cut above the rest for sure.

          Blue Agave Restaurant
          1032 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230