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Feb 16, 2011 09:39 AM

Chez Dumonet v le florimond

will those two restaurants have similar flavors and techinques or will they be very different

try to move some days around on my trip and was thinking about pairing those for a monday and a tuesday and didnt want to have the same food / experience two nights in a row

was hoping for a bit of help on that - thanks

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  1. JCD is very traditional with a never changing menu of absolute classics and huge portions, in a setting that is very "bistrot" as we imagine it, very old brasserie in fact. Le Florimond is more like a bourgeois house, with more up to date cooking, more changing, much less food. Some might find it more refined. For me it's more boring.

    1. Very different. Dumonet very traditional, at a high level of professionalism. Florimond (which has never appealed to me) always makes me think "I could have done this at home."

      1. Love Le Florimond and have always had great meals through the years.

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          Amen. For me, it's all about fine dining vs feeding, albeit at a high level. Anyway, Le Florimond doesn't need any new customers, they are always fully booked.