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Feb 16, 2011 09:23 AM

Low Country Backyard in Hilton Head?

Has anyone tried this place?

We're here for a week and so far have tried Roastfish and Cornbread (had the whole flounder and shrimp gumbo, both excellent), Mi Tierra (had fajitas, good but not the best ever), Redfish (had shrimp and grits, ribs, both excellent), Il Carpaccio (pizza and caesar salad were excellent) and Signe (had a disappointing breakfast of corned beef hash -- it was dry and made with thinly shaved corned beef). Low Country Backyard is featured in a local magazine, but seems no Chowhound reviews.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to Roastfish & Cornbread. I loved that place and I'm glad to hear it's still producing good food. I have friends that are in town now and they asked me for some resto recs and I directed them there.

    If you make it to Low country Backyard, please report back. My list of good eats on the island is a short one. That said, I haven't been to Il Carpaccio or Old Fort Pub yet and I've heard such good things about both. Enjoy your visit!

    Old Fort Pub
    Hilton Head Plntn, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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      We've had a condo at HH for 20 years, and I consistently been disappointed in the restaurants there, but Il Carpaccio is one of our favorites. Great pasta and pizza. I heard good things about LCB from friends, but haven't visited myself. Please let us know.
      Have fun!

      1. re: slotmansc

        Haven't made it to LCB, but are staying until next week so have a bit more time. We went to Black Marlin the other night and had a chef's special striped bass that was excellent, although my husband and bil's filets were declared "okay." Last night went to Robert Irvine's eat! and had an amazing meal. Blackened snapper on tomato havarti grits, filet, pork osso bucco, fried green tomatoes and bacon scallion oyster appetizers, sweet potato bread pudding with tabasco ice cream. Every bit was delicious and to make the evening extra sweet, Robert Irvine was there and was so personable. So far so good!

        1. re: KateTut

          I hope you'll be going to Roastfish & Cornbread. Chef David cooks up local food, using local ingredients and is as humble and genuine as they come. The lentil salad is delicious and something you'd never expect to find in HH. The slow-roasted brisket and of course his famous sweet potato cornbread are amazing.

        2. re: slotmansc

          Hello slotmansc. I have visited LCB Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant several times. The place is great, food is exceptional, and the price is very reasonable. They have outdoor seating (weather permitting) and a cozy interior restaurant. The crabcakes, meatloaf, and fried green tomatoes are the best I have ever had. And I've tried many. They have many other choices and a great brunch as well. Highly recommended.

      2. We went back to Roastfish & Cornbread for lunch: the spicy shrimp bisque, shrimp burger, lentil soup and fried oysters were all excellent. What a great place. Also had lunch at Low Country Backyard and were disappointed. The place is small, tables shoved in everywhere, not particularly charming or well-decorated. Among our party we tried the fried green tomato BLT (pretty good except skimpy with the fried green tomatoes), the seafood potpie (deemed okay but the accompanying salad was not-so-hot, being iceberg lettuce), and the BBQ pork sandwich (good). The macaroni salad, not great, but the pickles ... homemade and delicious! I asked for my BLT on wheat (it's usually served on flatbread) and it came on limp, store-bought bread ... not even toasted. All in all, only about a C in my book. Glad we tried it for lunch before going for dinner.

        However, we saved the best for last, going to Sunset Grille tonight. We were a little hesitant to try a place above a laundromat but are so glad we did. We tried the smoked, grilled salmon; the lamb shank and the pork tenderloin. All, along with the tomato bisque and dessert (berry trifle), were excellent. The place is small, charming, and has a killer view. My brother tried the smoked poblano Bloody Mary and said it was excellent. The only negative were the restrooms, downstairs and shared with the swimming pool facilities. A small criticism of what was an excellent meal.

        Last night we went to Skull Creek Boathouse. A decent enough meal but a large, noisy and very commercial place. The throwdowns were tasty but by far prefer the ambiance of Sunset Grille.