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Kosher Bison

Okay, so I have been searching for Kosher Bison for a few weeks now...Why is it so hard to find???

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  1. I don't have an answer to your question, but have you tried Paradise Locker yet? http://www.paradisemeats.com/gamemeat

    1. where are you? my dad has bought some from Foodtown in Long Branch, NJ, thought I don't think they carry it all the time.

      1. Try this:


        Buy local. Anything you buy online will have prices that are criminal. Then they add shipping on top of it.

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          Not sure if that site provides kosher bison

          In chicago I have seen bison at Hungarians and jewel in evanston

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            The site doesn't provide anything other than a list of all the bison farms in the U.S.

            Sometimes you just need to pick up the phone and call around.

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              A farm that sells kosher-slaughtered bison will advertise that fact. It's not something that they'll do on the side without mentioning it.

        2. Try Kosher Marketplace on the UWS, around Broadway and 92nd or so.

          1. I don't know where you are...but have you tried Best Glatt in Teaneck?

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              I live part of the year in New York, and part in Colorado.... In Colorado there is no Kosher Bison, but I will try those places when I come back to New York!

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                The first time I had a bison burger was at the kosher deli in Denver. Surely, there must be kosher bison available somewhere. You can ask the deli if they have a supplier.

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                  Solomon's had Kosher bison and elk but I haven't seen either in quite a while.

            2. The last time I was at 7 Mile Market in Baltimore (last month) they had several forms of bison. I offered to buy burgers for the hubby, but he declined. He likes it, I am not so much a fan. I also THINK that it is available at Main Line Kosher Meats right outside of Philadelphia, but I am not 100% sure.
              Good luck!

              1. My husband confirmed that Main Line Kosher Meats does sell Bison. He was shocked that it would be hard to find in the NYC area.

                1. I read on Kosher Blog in 2009 that Solomons will no longer make bison or elk. Blackwing, which provided the bison states on their website that another company markets it, but no name was given.

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                    But didn't Solomon's make Bison for all of 2010? I do think they stopped producing Elk though...

                  2. I can't discover that anyone has it. Here's the response from Kosher marketplace: "As you may be aware, we used to maintain an enormous selection of freshly-cut bison. However, as of late, the product has not been available to us. We keep checking with the markets on a daily basis and hope that their will be availability sometime in the future. I am very sorry about this situation."

                    It's a pity. I used to be particularly fond of serving it to visiting Israelis. On the other hand, I'm not sure I could taste the difference between Bison and beef.

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                      It is a subtle taste difference..but not a subtle health difference! I always loved Bison because it is at least as delicious as beef ( i think slightly better) and fewer calories and lower fat fat content. And, Bison is almost always free range and grass fed, so none of the health or animal welfare concerns of factory farmed meet. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it anywhere, either.

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                        Yeah, me too. I look everywhere I go where kosher meat is sold, but so far, no luck. Maybe they've stopped schechting them?

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                          Glatt Mart had bison when I was there this week. Their flier says its for a limited time only, though.

                    2. Pomegranate supermarket in Brooklyn has a freezer filled with various cuts of bison. I noticed flanken, roasts, ground beef, beef patties, and I think they had steaks too. They only carry frozen- I guess the demand isn't enough to justify carrying fresh.

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                        Does Pomegranate deliver in Manhattan?

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                          Thanks for the tip! I've looked in Pom but never checked the freezer. AdinaA - they do deliver to Manhattan, but unfortunately have a $300 min. I only end up putting an order in every few months because of that.

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                            Thanks. That would be a lot of buffalo steak.

                        2. saw on twitter yesterday that kosher express has kosher bison back in stock

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                            Just bought bison ground beef at Park East Kosher Butchers. They had other cuts. They also carry American Kobe.