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Feb 16, 2011 09:00 AM

Where to dine after taking my kids to Coco Key (in the Crowne Plaza), Danvers?

I am biting the bullet and taking the kids to Coco Key on Saturday. I don't think I'll be able to stomach hotel food after that - anywhere good to get something to eat nearby? My kids are adventurous eaters, so tell me what you like and we'll find something they'll chow on there. Thanks!

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  1. Not everyone agrees, but I think the Tennessee's on 114 in Peabody is one of the best of the franchise.

    1. The two colsests places are Supinos on Rte 1 south less than a mile from there. My opinion is biased because I'm friends with the owner, but they make killer shrimp scampi and buffalo chicken pizzas. Lots of kid friendly options on the menu.
      If you swing around and head North on Rte 1 you'll come to The 466 on the left, just after the two gas stations. Great little sports bar/ restaurant with excellent food. There is also a Lonestar Steak House and Ponte Devecchio (sp?) which is more expen$ive Italian, near by too.

      Supino's Restaurant
      250 Newbury St, Danvers, MA 01923

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        Go to 466 much better than Supino's. Supino's always smells musty to me. Haven't gone back in quite a while. Have fun at Coco Key!!

        Supino's Restaurant
        250 Newbury St, Danvers, MA 01923