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Feb 16, 2011 08:35 AM

Good Steakhouse Near Washington National Airport

Will be returning on Monday night and will have time for a nice dinner. TIA, Linda

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  1. There is a Ruth's Chris and Mortons across from the airport. If you want a CH favorite and not commercial place about a 12 minute drive away in Clarendon is Ray's the Steaks which has IMHO superior meat, they dry age in house, and it is much more affordable.

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    1. re: sekelmaan

      I 2nd this vote for Ray's. From the airport, it's a ten minute cab ride, and DC's highest quality, authentic steak option. Get a reservation, and thank us later.

      1. re: fisherdm

        And do not forget to try the crab bisque!

      2. re: sekelmaan

        Agree with Sekelmaan. The only reason I might choose Ruth Chris is that the one by the airport has a really fantastic view over Washington. but Ray's has better steaks, unless you really like butter.

        1. re: sekelmaan

          Agree with Rays (didn't realize they dry-aged in-house).

          If you want to stay in the airport, they recently opened a Sam & Harry's. Not able to vouch for it however.

          Sam & Harry's
          8240 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182

          1. re: jaydreb

            It's a relatively new thing. They tell you the cuts they have ready for each night. The bone in ribeye is amazing. Nice long 18" bone is excellent to pick up and chew on.

            1. re: sekelmaan

              Is this every night of the week now? When I first heard about the dry-aged cuts, it was advertised as a "Saturday, sometimes Friday and Sunday" deal. That was awhile ago, however.

              1. re: will_5198

                Every night now. I went in twice during the week and they were doing it on weekends, I got pissed both times. I think that happened a lot. I was there about three weeks ago and they are now doing dry-aged every night. Hooyah!

                1. re: sekelmaan

                  Yeah - Landrum installed a walk-in right next to the host station, and that sucker is full of tasty, dry-aged goodness.