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Feb 16, 2011 08:28 AM

Wolf Range Nightmares

Has anyone else had the following problems with their Wolf 48 inch dual fuel range. I just had my range serviced again. The oven bangs loudly and repeatedly, which sets my three small dogs in to a barking frenzy every time it bangs making using the large oven miserable. The service people supposedly fixed this with a bracket, it still bangs just not as often. While servicing my range, the large oven door hinges were replaced, as they were defective. The griddle insulation was replaced, as before the liquids all drained to one corner and spilled over. Two of the bezzels were replace, one still sticks. I have repeatedly complained that the grill burns everything up. I was told by the repairman the grill is not designed to grill only sear, and that is why everything burns up when left on long enough to cook the food properly. The wolf representatives have told me you can grill on it. I just can not believe what a lemon of a range I got, so has anyone else had this much trouble. The repairman is coming again this week. Wolf keeps fixing this, which tells me I am not the only one with such a messed up excuse for an appliance.

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  1. hi, i just ran across your message and was at the appliance store today asking a similar question. I have the 48" range/oven, just gas though. My oven also makes a banging noise and no one has heard of that before. I am glad to see I am not the only one, but pissed that this seems to be an issue. The banging noise is happens the most when the oven starts and when I turn off the gas/heat. I thought it mostly had to due with the temperature change on the metal expanding/contracting, etc. Anyway it shouldnt happen. where they able to fix yours? i plan on contacting them this week to fix it.

    1. The banging noise you hear is from the expanding and contracting of the oven cavity when the oven heats or cools. All ovens do this to a certain degree, but it does seem to be more prevalent on the Wolf. As far as all your other problems, they seem out of line for the typical Wolf quality. Have you gone beyond your local retailer and contacted the Wolf sales rep for your area? This would be my recommendation as they will usually be more proactive in resolving the problem. If you have had 3 or more warranty service calls I would tell them you want a new range. Your post doesn't list your city. If you tell me that I can tell you who your local rep is.

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        We're looking at oven burner number three - I've had it with this thing. We're on Martha's Vineyard, so nothing is completely local, but if you know who's the Wolf rep in Southeastern Massachusetts, I'll be forever in your debt. Thanks, ruby!

      2. I have a Wolf range that I purchased in November. It also bangs from the metal expanding and contracting, but that's the only problem I've had. I'm planning on calling a service person to fix it.

        1. Hello, I've had the 48" Wolf Duel fuel Range for several years and love it! When it was new, the oven would bang loudly while heating up and especially when cooling back down. I did read somewhere (or maybe I called their customer service??) about it and was told it will do that for some months, depending on how frequently the oven is used. It was a 'breaking in' of sorts. After the first year, it no longer bangs. I have 4 burners and the, love, Love the griddle! Only complaint is the grease collector does not fit as snug as I think it should and grease will pool under it. No biggie since I clean it anyway after using.

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            Hi, I have a Wolf stove bought in 2005. Now I baked cookies (or tried to) and the bottom of the oven has started to burn out.There is almost a whole in the bottom of the oven. I bake cookies at 375, not enough heat to burn this expensive oven. Anyone else had this happen? I called an appliance guy and he said there is nothing he can do.

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              I know this is an older post but my Wolf DF has the enamel all chipped off to the base metal. This is a known issue with the blue enamel. They can replace the liner but it is only guaranteed for a year and they won't tell how much it is to do it, only that it starts at $800.

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              Hello there. I just wanted to ask you if you have any problems with your flat griddle? I can not seem to get mine hot enough? Love my wolf just not the griddle.

            3. I don't have a answer for your question but on our DF range, which i have had serviced quite a bit - there is a design flaw with the burners and the O ring design on the burner seal.......I know know what the problem is, and bought high-temp better grade ones as spares.

              Go figure but our joe blow stove prior to the pro range never had any issues...

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                I have also had repeat problems with my oven burners burning out in my 48" DF Wolf. 3 times in 5 years...def. excessive. Good recommendation to have extra on hand! One time it was a few days before I had to run out and buy a fryer instead of using my 16 month old "new' stove for the turkey!