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Feb 16, 2011 08:04 AM

Street Food - Tyson Bees

A recent trip to NYC got my attention drawnt to street vendors. I know that the Tysons Bees truck parked over at UPENN has been getting some attention and i plan to investigate tomorrow. I wanted to get a sense of some of the other popular food trucks in the city. Anybody doing anything creative in those trucks?

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          OK, now i'm endorsing. Popped by for a late lunch. Had the BBQ Lemongrass pork Bahn Mi and a Pork Bun. Pics below. Both were not something i would expect to have gotten from a truck. Very good. The pictures dont do them much justice. They are more refined than the pictures lead on.

      1. i visited tyson bees a month after their debut and found it to just be ok. i couldn' t get very much and they were out of the bowls, so i had the pork belly buns and all the tacos. pork belly buns were abundant with pork and other fillings that i had to eat it more taco-like, but the meat was tough and the sauce was poorly balanced... just wasn't smooth in flavour. the tacos were fine, but the edamame was a little odd because it is a rather creamy bean and was served with some other creamy elements. i think my favourite was a thai curry chicken. lots of filling as well. the prices are more expensive than other trucks but they're certainly offering good quantities.

        most of my lunch time is restricted to upenn, but i haven't noticed any other statically located trucks doing something more nouveau. i quite enjoy my classic soul food, tacos, cheesesteaks, etc.

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          I'm not in the city, but do get down there from time to time for work. Any trucks that are worth searching for? The more exotic the better.

        2. This Twitter list follows most of the "new wave" trucks:

          Couple other notable spots not on there: The "falafel nazi" at 20th & Market--been described on this board as a "street side omakase," it's much more than just falafel. In West Philly, around 33rd & Market I think, there is or used to be a good crepe truck. The Magic Carpet vegetarian carts (they have two) in West Philly have been around forever and are worth a visit. The food is a bit hit or miss, but if they were just coming online today, they'd be getting buzz like all these fancy painted trucks. The vegetarian meatball is a a sure thing.

          Midtown Lunch covers trucks and carts fairly regularly: