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Feb 16, 2011 07:39 AM

24 hours in Nashville

Hi Everyone - there seems to be a lot of places that I must eat in Nashville and I want to try them all! So, I'm coming to this board in the hopes of narrowing down my options. My husband and I are taking a road trip from NYC to Chicago and have decided to take a couple of extra days and head south to Nashville with a stop over in Memphis. We have 24 hours in Nashville and know for certain that we'll be having Prince's and possbily breakfast at the Loveless Cafe, but we really want to experience the barbecue and local Nashville eats that we can't get any where else. What would you suggest for getting the best out of our 24 hours.
Also, if there are any Memphis recs please send along. We'll be spending the afternoon there before driving on.

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  1. Arnold’s (meat & 3) if you can’t make it anywhere else, go to Arnold’s, and don’t let the lines scare you away. They’re open from 1030 to 245.

    Jack’s BBQ on West Trinity Lane and not the downtown location. Prince’s chicken is a bit outside of the city, if you’re in the downtown area, 400 Degrees just moved to 319 Peabody. The chicken is definitely on track on with Prince’s imo.

    Make a trip to Crema for some of the best coffee in Nashville and while you’re there pickup an Olive & Sinclair chocolate bar that’s made in east Nashville. It’s the only bean to bar producer in the area, pure brilliance.

    400 Degrees
    2012 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, TN 37208

    1. In Nashville, be sure to go to Arnold's for meat-and-three if you're here on a weekday. But save the barbecue for Memphis. Barbecue in Nashville is not great and there are too many great places in Memphis.

      In Memphis, I recommend you get a sandwich at Payne's if you can (chopped, hot), and also hit the BBQ Shop for some ribs and/or and sandwich. Central also has great ribs. Cozy Corner is fantastic. Heck, even Tops is better than any barbecue sandwich in Nashville. You can also go to the Rendezvous in Memphis - the ribs are pretty good, and the place is a Memphis institution.

      Cozy Corner Restaurant
      745 N Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105

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        I second Jamie Carroll. Go to Memphis for BBQ. The best BBQ in Memphis, TN can be found at A & R. BBQ Shop, Central, Rendezvous, Cozy Corner, Interstate, Neely's, One and Only and Payne's.
        A & R Bar B Que @ 1802 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, TN. 901 - 774 - 7444.
        BBQ Shop @ 1782 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 1277.
        Central BBQ @ 2249 Central Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 9377.
        Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous @ 52 S. Second St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 523 - 2746.
        Cozy Corner @ 745 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN. 901 - 527 - 9158.
        Interstate BBQ @ 2265 S. Third St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 775 - 2304.
        Neely's BBQ @ 670 Jefferson St., Memphis, TN. 901 - 521 - 9798.
        One and Only BBQ @ 1779 Kirby Pkwy., Memphis, TN 901 - 751 - 3615.
        Paynes BBQ @ 1762 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN. 901 - 272 - 1523.
        The BBQ Shop and One and Only are my favorites but Payne's is famous for their pulled pork sandwich.
        Incidentally Interstate BBQ in Southaven, MS just reopened after a huge renovation.
        Interstate BBQ @ 150 Stateline Road W, Southaven, MS. 662 - 393 - 5699.

        1. re: jamiecarroll

          YES, Definitely save BBQ for Memphis. Nashville is not known for BBQ, Memphis IS.

        2. Get off I 40 at Exit 1A in Nashville, TN and go back E on West End about a mile and then turn left on 25th Ave. N just past Centennial Park take your 1st right on Elliston and Rotier's is just ahead. Have a great country meal there in one of Nashville's most well liked restaurants serving good seafood, steaks, sandwiches and plain ole good food in great atmosphere. Opens around 10:30 AM for lunch and dinner and closed on Sunday.

          Rotier's Restaurant @ 2413 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 615 - 327 - 9892.

          There's good country food in Nashville, TN at Exit 204 off I 40. Get off and go right on Robertson Avenue then take your first left on Charlotte Avenue go past the shopping center on your left and take a left on 53rd Avenue N and Wendell Smith's is on your left open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving good soul and country food. There's a Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort and Baymont back at Robertson where you get back on I 40 if you want to stay there. If you stay in this area you can go back to Wendell Smith's for breakfast.

          Wendell Smith's @ 407 53rd Ave. North, Nashville, TN 615 - 383 - 7114.

          Get off I 40 at Exit # 80A at Jackson, TN and get off to the right on Hwy. 186/45 then turn into Casey Jones Old Country Store on the right. This is a large complex with Casey Jone's Home and Museum and some shops. The Old Country Store serves a buffet of outstanding country food for breakfast, lunch or dinner and opens at 6:30 AM. There are numerous hotels in the Jackson area on I 40.

          Old Country Store @ 56 Casey Jones Lane, Jackson, TN 731 - 668 - 1223.

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          1. re: Littleman

            I would not recommend eating at Rotiers rather than Arnold's. Arnold's serves genuinely delicious meat & 3 type food. Rotier's serves mediocre meals to college kids and people who want to reminisce about when they were college kids.

            Rotier's Restaurant
            2413 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

          2. These are all fantastic. We have decided to spend the day in Nashville and overnight in Memphis. We're going to try to hit as many of these barbecue spots as possible. Thanks for all the replies and if you guys can think of anything else that's a can't miss please post.

            1. Skip Loveless Cafe. It is so over-rated!
              I agree 100% with Arnolds being a must for lunch, however they are not open on weekends.
              City House is great for a more upscale Southern experience.

              City House
              1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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              1. re: zkrg3

                Thanks for the reply. We're leaving on Monday, so I'll be sure to give a full trip report when we get back. Any breakfast ideas for Memphis? We're staying overnight and will need breaktfast.

                1. re: tnhayes0405

                  In Memphis, Bryant's serves a really good breakfast. Also, Brother Juniper's.

                2. re: zkrg3

                  City House is rustic Italian by a Southern chef who throws in Southern twists, esp. for Sunday Dinner. Both cuisines share a love of the pig, and City House does their own butchery and makes their own sausage.

                  This is true of lots of restaurants in the city -- they take French or Italian or even pan-American traditions and throw in Southern ingredients, techniques, and flavor combinations. Some of the chefs who do it well aren't even Southern by background, but have fallen for local produce & traditions and fuse it with their training. Makes for some really outstanding food.

                  To the OP, other "southern food" places you can hit besides Arnold's are Monell's, Southern Bred, Puckett's (new location downtown!).

                  City House
                  1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208