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Feb 16, 2011 07:23 AM

Mansfield recs?

I'll be going to Mansfield from dowtown FW deveral times over the next few weeks for eye doctor appointments, and would like to know if there are and hidden gems down there that I have been missing? I like to reward myself with a nice lunch after having my eyeballs poked at, so if you know of anything unique or yummy, please share. All I see from the road are the typical chain restaurants...

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  1. Oliver's on East Broad across from Methodist Hospital is a pretty good place. Part meat market, part deli, they make good sandwiches and grill items.

    Blue Mint on Debbie Lane is also pretty good for Thai.

    As odd as it may sound, I really liked the grill inside Methodist Hospital. My wife was there for a few days so I ate it quite a bit. Aside from good quality and really cheap burgers/cheesesteaks/etc, the daily special is sometimes really good. If you time it right and go on cajun day, you are in for a treat.

    Unfortunately, Mansfield is mostly chains and places that are ok at best. Not too much uniqueness.

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      Thanks so much Jugg! I am a huge Thai fan, so I'll start with Blue Mint.
      Glad to know there's something out there besides Chili's and Buffalo Wild Wings, lol!

      1. re: alliegator

        You might try Simply Burgers (1219 E Debbie Ln Ste 117).
        I haven't eaten at the Mansfield location, but I have eaten at a few other locations and the burgers and fries (regular & sweet potato) are better than average. My favorite is the Mushroom Swiss Burger.

        I can't eat much Italian, but my family thinks highly of Bella Vita - 2000 Highway 157 N

        You might check to see what the masses think.

        Simply Burgers
        1219 E Debbie Ln Ste 117, Mansfield, TX 76063

    2. There is a great home cooking style restaurant called Our Place. You have to go by 11:30 or after 1 if you want to avoid the lines. It's 915 Debbie Lane.

      I second Oliver's. Great sandwiches and burgers, also a gourmet grocery store and butcher. It's right across the street from the hospital.

      1. Thanks all for more suggestions. I've been down twice so far and enjoyed Blue Mint so much the first time that I went back on the second! I'll mix it up and try one of the other suggestions next time :D

        1. A couple of friends (they don't know one another) who live south of FW have recently told me about the ribs at Hickory Stick BBQ in Everman - kind of between FW and Mansfield. Might be worth a try.... or not.

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            Definitely give the ribs a try. Meaty, good, mild-hickory smoke flavor, the fat has been rendered to a silky, melt in your mouth texture with a nice, light outer crust. If you don't want a full order, they do half orders. Oh yeah, if the smoke ring gets you exited.... it's there. 2 slices of white bread on the side, pickle and onion at the condiment dispenser by the soft drinks.

            Didn't get much from the slaw or potato salad and skip the brisket unless you're in the mood for seemingly oven-roasted brisket. It wasn't bad, but just didn't have the BBQ taste, look or feel. Even if you get it, tell them to put the sauce on the side, otherwise, it'll be drenched.

            1. re: CocoaNut

              Thank you CocoNut! I'm headed down later today and those ribs are sounding good! Think I'll go for the full order to bring some home and surprise my better half with for his dinner :)

          2. Steven's Garden & Grill is good. Doesn't look like much on the outside, but the food is wonderful.

            Steven's Garden & Grill
            223 Depot St, Mansfield, TX 76063