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DTW: Poutine without leaving the US?

Anyone know of any places in the Detroit Area that serve poutine? I know there are a ton of places in the Windsor area that have it, but I don't have the required documentation to cross the border, so that's not really an option right now. Google tells me that the Grange Kitchen and Bar in A2 has it on the bar menu. Are there any other options or is it just there?


Grange Kitchen & Bar
118 W Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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  1. I know that this isn't what you are looking for, but for other Poutine Lovers out there, if you are ever in Cincinnati, Senate in Over the Rhein has Poutine. I am no poutine expert, but I think theirs is atypical. In lieu of gravy, they used braised short rib... Awesome!


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      Real poutine calls for cheese curds that are part of the process of cheddar cheese making. Traditionally, the gravy is chicken gravy. I hate to sound elitist, but any place that crumbles mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese or any other cheese on top of fries smothered in gravy is selling fries with gravy and cheese, not poutine. Their offerings may be delicious, but they aren't poutine. Fresh cheese curds should squeak when you chew them. They don't entirely melt as mozzarella, blue or cheddar cheeses do when they interact with the heat and steam of the fries and gravy.

      If anyone knows of a place that sells French fries with chicken gravy and cheddar cheese curds (as fresh as possible), please share. Every comfort food lover should try this once.

      Don't assume that crossing the border guarantees an authentic poutine. Windsor and Toronto are not necessarily producing anything authentic either, unless they guarantee the curds and chicken gravy duo. Poutine is a Quebec creation adopted by the rest of Canada, and now the US too. Without the right cheese curd squeak and texture, it just isn't poutine.

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        SweetPea I have to disagree with you having many friends in Canada and worked with a 65 old lady who was born in Waterloo,,,, I've eaten Poutine all over Canada and around the Detroit area and make this great dish at home,,,, BROWN Gravy is the true original created in the 1950's here's wording from Wiki

        is a typical Canadian dish (originally from Quebec), made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese. Sometimes additional ingredients are added

      2. I've heard Joe's Hamburgers downriver has poutine. I've never been, though, so I can't confirm their authenticity.

        Joe's Hamburgers
        125 Elm
        Wyandotte, MI 48192
        (734) 285-0420

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              Made it to Joe's Hamburgers today. Such a great place. The sliders were great, and the poutine was simply outstanding. (N.b., it's made with shredded cheddar, not standard cheese curds, but it was so good.)

              Freshly cooked, hand cut fries, with cheese and a tasty, tasty beef gravy? Yes please!

              Thanks for the tip!

          1. I too live in the Detroit area and want to find Poutine. Problem is that downriver and Ann Arbor are both 2 hour drives or more. I am in the Northern Oakland County area Pontiac-Rochester. I can go to the northwestern & northern Macomb County area (Utica, Sterling Heights, Shelby Twp, Washington, Macomb Township, north Clinton Township). Anyone know of a place. I can't believe that Culver's on Lapeer Road (Lake Orion) doesn't do a Poutine styled dish since they specialize in Wisconsin Dairy and cheese curds especially.

            This is what comes of living in the area and growing up half in Windsor and Sarnia and half in Michigan. But the problem is that I have grown older and not all that healthy and cannot drive for more than 20 minutes or so. I miss this dish and I can't make it as well.


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                And not mentioned in the freep article is Vinsetta Garage. They call them disco fries (made with whole grain mustard gravy?), on the dinner menu only.
                I think I read that Local Kitchen & Bar in Ferndale is going to have them too.

                1. NOTE: Just saw Coney's post; sorry. But I'll leave the links for reference in case anyone can use them.

                  I think poutine is becoming a trend in area resturants, based on what I've read recently.

                  Mercury Burger Bar and Green Dot Stables, both in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, come to mind.



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                    Seriously. The hipsters LOOOVVVEE them some poutine. So yeah, you can't go to Corktown without tripping over it. And ALPOE, my first and only poutine experience was at Brooklyn Street Local and while I liked my food a lot, your poutine looks a lot yummier than what my husband and I got.

                  2. As a fellow Poutine lover, the best I have ever had is Animal in LA (it is in the us) however it probably doesn't help a ton, but it is worth making a special trip for there, they use oxtail there

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                      I just had Poutine in the US. However was in St Agatha Maine, about two miles from New Brunswick. How hard is it to get a Enhance Drivers License anyway? I'm thinking of geting way for my next trip.

                    2. The poutine on Toasted Oak's brunch menu sounds incredible. Anyone tried it?

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                        Clarification: (so as not to send someone on a wild goose chase looking at their menus)
                        I believe the poutine is only served at their Pajama brunch on Sundays.

                      2. The most original of all in the metro Detroit area is at Brooklyn Street Local,,, the owners are just in fresh from Toronto now you know when a Canadian cooks Poutine it's just gotta be great. Take a look at my photo's from my visit on this link ENJOY


                        1. Debajo del Sol at Mark's Carts in Ann Arbor serves a variant of poutine as "Duck Fries". They fry cubed potatoes in duck fat, sprinkle bleu cheese crumbles on them, then pour chorizo duck sausage gravy over them.

                          Delicious, and less salty than some poutines I've had.

                          1. A ways away from the cities, Mikey's Burgers and Fries has traditional salty delicious poutine. Beef gravy, mozzarella curds, and some awesome fries, which you could also top with the provided vinegar, which is exciting to see in itself. They have another location in the Sunoco gas station in Howell, but the Brighton strip mall location has seating and a bigger menu, including an awesome garlic parmesan burger. Gourmets, keep in mind this is a traditional greasy burger joint, jukebox and all. In my opinion, awesome.

                            1. Zingerman's Roadhouse in A2 sometimes has incredible poutine as an appetizer. Thin cut fries, cheese curds, chicken gravy, bacon, and some scallions for garnish. So, so very good.

                              1. BROOKLYN STREET LOCAL,,, https://www.facebook.com/BrooklynStre...

                                Poutine EH The Real Deal Now in Detroit

                                WOW finally someone from Toronto opens a eating spot that plates up the real deal Poutine, many have it on there menu and some come close and a few not. Prior to today Green Stables had the best, now move over to the 2 types of this delicious Canadian comfort food loaded with just the proper size white cheddar curds and gravy. Many places use a small hard shoe string fry and this place goes to the larger size that melts in yo mouth with each and every bite. I've tried the rest and now have found the best now run on down to load up on that Poutine EH

                                1. 5 of us shared a plate of poutine a week ago at Local Kitchen in Ferndale--it was the first time any of us at the table had ever eaten it and it was universally enjoyed. 3 of my friends commented that they would order that all by itself for lunch

                                  And BTW Local Kitchen was a hit all around...defintely going back for both food and ambience.