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Feb 16, 2011 07:13 AM

Thomas English Muffins--is it me...?

Is it me or do Thomas English Muffins have a sour off taste? I've eaten these since I was a kid, but seems in the last few years they're tasting funny. They're also a little raggy and don't toast very well. I do like a good sour dough bread, so I don't think that's the problem. I've switched to Bay's English Muffins found in the dairy case and they're great. Won't be going back. Any opinions out there?

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  1. I've always thought that about them. That's why I stopped eating them unless covered in butter and jam.

    1. They DO make a sourdough muffin. Is it possible you've been buying that, instead of the plain, without realizing it?

      1. Still by far the best. I guess I should say of common brands; maybe some specialty or locally available ones out there that are better. I don't care for all the crazy flavored ones. Maybe you got some sourdough ones.

        But I do generally eat them with butter and peanut butter so the taste probably wouldn't be as noticeable. I like them for their crunch.

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        1. re: Shann

          No, the ones I'm talking about are the regular ones. I don't like the crazy flavored ones either.

          1. re: noodlepoodle

            They are meant to be raggedy not smooth so there's more places for the butter and jam to go. I've always the taste you're talking about, that's what makes them good.

        2. Your are right on the money noodlepoodle!

          Over many, many years, Thomas was IT. Their basic English muffin had a wonderful taste, would peel apart with the just a little thumb pressure and leave you with two matching, craggy, easy-to-toast, butter-trapping halves.

          Two years back, that all disappeared. Now, TEMs have a complete lack of flavor, separation requires a bread knive or a very careful fork, and even when you accomplish a perfect split, you're left with two grossly uneven halves because the cross-setion is no longer square-sided.

          Thomas is such a market bully that the better English muffin makers seem to disappear off big grocer's shelves within weeks of discovery. Our latest find, "Natures Own", is no longer at Harris Teeter, tho the rest of the Natures Own line is all over the place ... that's food power!

          No More English Muffins For You !

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          1. It’s an old American tradition to improve things until they’re abominable, but I don’t think Thomas’ is quite there yet. But I was much happier about them when they came out with both halves the same size after separation. I’ve quit buying them in regular supermarkets and buy them only at Sam’s Club now because they come in nine-packs and are larger than the six packs in grocery stores. My only current complaint is that one month they are “oven fresh” when I buy them, the next month it’s like they must have been on the shelf when I bought last month’s muffins. But I don’t think that’s Thomas’ fault, I suspect Sam’s Club’s inventory management. Nevertheless, give me a big bowl of melted butter with a Thomas’ English Muffin floating in it and a teaspoon of strawberry jam on top and I’m a happy camper! There is no acceptable substitute for indulgence. ‘-)