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Feb 16, 2011 06:34 AM

Wife is a picky eater, please comment on my restaurant pics

I am a fairly adventurous eater but my wife is a bit picky preferring standard cuts of meat, chicken, vegetables, mild fish and seafood. I have asked that our hotel make reservations at the following restaurants but I am wondering if any of them have too limited a menu will that be difficult for my wife:

Spring (lunch)
Le Cinq (lunch)
Frenchie (Dinner)
Chez L'Ami Jean (Dinner)

I have also considered Le Severo for Steak Frites.

Any advice or comments? Thank you.

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  1. Spring and Frenchie have a menu?

    No problem with Le Cinq and CAJ. The first one will do anything you like, really. And the second one loves to serve mashed potatoes AND pasta for my eight year old.

    1. The smalelr bistros like Spring and Frenchie have a very short menu based on what's in season. I do not remember Spring offering alternative dishes at all. For an adventurous diner like yourself, you will be in heaven there. Your wife will be in hell. If you give up Spring and Frenchie for her, you are a martyr of a great husband.
      Le Cinq and Chez L'Ami Jean have a lot of meat and chicken dishes and should accommodate all picky eaters.

      1. With all due respect, I suggest that your wife let you enjoy some of these special Paris experiences that may not be in her style or offer her usual preferred foods.

        I remember visiting Prague when the curtain first lifted. It was February and I was eating an almost vegetarian regime at the time. The available choices were meat, meat or meat. Or mystery meat, aka sausage. I ate what I could, found little things that looked appetizing in shops during the day and had a lovely time soaking up the ambiance if not the food.

        In the end, your bride may have a few epiphanies that expand her likings.

        1. Tablier de Sapeur, anyone? :)

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            At Daniel et Denise in Lyon, our waiter actually applauded when I finished the entire (enormous!) portion. When in Rome, etc., but can't say that they gained a convert.