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Feb 16, 2011 06:25 AM

Irish Nachos - Dundas and Church

Yes? Hi! We were doing the walking and saw the new place called the Irish Nachos on the Church Street south of the Dundas. It is the very tiny place without the room for the sitting but it looked also like the nice place too.

Has anyone tried the Irish Nachos yet?

I did the googling for the website but couldnt do the finding.

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  1. I've been wondering about this too... place is definitely open now, but for how long I'm not sure. They apparently replace the tortilla chips with scallop potatoes. Definitely sounds *interesting*. Kinda hoping someone more adventurous than I will write a review.

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      BlogTo did a review a while back, and although they had some minor complaints, such as the fact that the cheese wasn't properly melted, they gave it a fairly positive review

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        Sorry vaiguy777, I didn't notice your post

      2. i had passed this place several times and been interested in trying it, and we finally got the chance to go on Friday. This place is great! The owner is very friendly and he made our food. I had the Pachula Veggie Delux and my mister had the Pollo Loco. Both were delicious. Mine was like a veggie chili on roasted potatoes (i think they're fried, but they're like really good home fries). The mister's was like a well seasoned chicken fajita on potatoes. The ingredients all taste like good quality (nice tomatoes, white chicken) and everything is flavourful. He even makes his own hot sauce from his granny's recipe and it's very, very tasty.
        Definitely a great takeout place for a great price.
        You can see the menu, photos and another review here:

        1. OMG if it's any good this is awesome.


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            Don't get your hopes up. The so-called "scalloped potatoes" are just flat round french fries. Bar food = makes sense after a couple of drinks.

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              Davwood: Not sure if they are any good as I have not tried them, but the Fionn McCool's Pubs carry Irish Nachos.

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                The concept sound really cool. I may have to pay FM's a visit.


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                  As does The Bishop and The Belcher on Hayden and Church. They're not bad. A nice change from regular nachos, but I wouldn't order them all the time, too heavy.

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                    It's been awhile since having them but Bishop just served theirs as nacho topping on huge plate of french fries. I'm a big fan of the Irish Nachos at Blake House that they serve on thick-,cut fresh made potato chips. It's good cold weather, salty comfort food but super heavy.

                    Shame the place on Dundas closed. Weird business plan for it to only be around about 4 months.

                    The Blake House
                    449 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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                      I 2nd the blake house's nachos, very heavy, but so good.

              2. This place is closed down. I parked close by there tonight and walked by to see a Landlord sign in the window ($8,800 of rent owing). I guess you need to sell a lot of irish nachos to pay the rent!

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                  Tried going there last week. The owner was there with a cockamamie story about a gas leak. I wasn't really sure I bought it. Sure enough, two days later they were still closed.