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Feb 16, 2011 06:08 AM

Travelling to Paris late July - how far in advance to make reservations?

We are a family of 4 going to Paris (and Brittany) in late July. Most of the restaurants on my short list are bistros, nothing super fancy or popular. Some of them are:

Fish La Boissonerie
Chez Janou
Bistrot d'Henri
Au Dernier Metro
La Folle Avoine
Le Saotico

We'll be arriving on a Friday completely jet-lagged. I was thinking of any early dinner then at either Au Dernier Metro or Le Saotico.

So, how far in advance to I need to make reservations? Last time we were in Paris, we either called the day before or same day.

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  1. Calling a couple of days ahead or the same day is fine, especially with regular places like the ones you mention. However, you need to be flexible as quite a few restaurants are already closed for holidays late July (not Fish, though, which is open 364 days a year).

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      Thanks, Souphie! We are completely flexible (arriving 22 July) and I also have others on my list.