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Feb 16, 2011 05:51 AM

Robert's Maine Grill, KIttery

Am heading up for lunch with the folks and we usually meet in Portsmouth, but I was perusing the restos in Kittery and came across this place. The menu looks quite good and it shouldn't be a hassle to get in at the beginning of March. Does anyone have any thoughts about this place?

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  1. It's pretty good, but overpriced.

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    1. re: bewley

      It's run by the people from Bob's, across the street.

    2. Robert's has been a favorite of mine since it took over the location formerly called (I think) the Quarterdeck.

      My wife likes the factory outlets, and I always stop in and have a beer with a half dozen oysters--their mignonette (which varies every time I go there) is always great!

      I also like "Howard's Mussels" (mussels, with a creamy white sauce and sausage) and their clam chowder.

      I definitely recommend the place.

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      1. re: lar3ry

        I've been several times and really like it. It's decor is a little more upscale but not too fancy. I've really enjoyed the fried/baked seafood there, service was good and I believe you can do a light lunch for around $10 if you're looking for a more inexpensive option. (Sandwich or a chowder/small salad, etc.) I also recommend it.

        Roberts Maine Grill
        326 US Route 1, Kittery, ME 03904

      2. I ended up going here yesterday and agree with pretty much everything people said.

        I thought the space itself was very nice. Despite the rain and overcast skies, the space still was very bright and warm.

        Our server was exceptionally attentive and pleasant and only charged us for one slab of birthday cake instead of two.

        I think the prices are a bit over the top, but the food itself was quite good. I had the jumbo lobster roll ($24) which was the meat from probably a 1 1/2 pound lobster in a buttered and toasted extra long hot dog bun. Very little mayo so the lobster really popped. Also had a bowl of clam chowder which was the perfect consistency, not runny but not so thick the spoon will stand up in it. The waitress said they used to buy the chowder from outside, but started making it in-house recently. My family got fish n chips and the pot roast sandwich (both enjoyed very much), and the kale soup (not as much, described as bland).

        Overall I enjoyed this place quite a bit and I think March was a great time to go, I can't imagine Route 1 in the summertime.