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Feb 16, 2011 05:39 AM

freezing pasta

I made stuffed jumbo shells and had some unstuffed shells left over(cooked). Can I freeze the shells and thaw and use at another time? Thanks.

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  1. If at all possible, stuff them first. Then you can wrap individually and freeze to bake at another time - presumably with sauce. Not only will this guarantee the shells' survival, but you'll have an easy meal just about ready to go.

    1. i'm gonna make a radical suggestion that you cook and sauce the shells, THEN individually freezer zip-lock them for a quickie meal. in fact, i'd add extra sauce to surround the shell -- for more flavor and to protect the pasta.

      of course, you could always just go and freeze them after carefully wrapping to avoid freezer burn. do a little of both, to see which works for you. let us know what happens.

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        this was intended for "stuffed shells."

      2. You can freeze almost anything, but really, you have to ask yourself if it is practical or worth the effort. Unless you stuff and assemble as a meal....i would say not....especially if you are a soup person...or plan to have soup, even if out of a can. I would just slice or chop and add to the soup myself, as not to waste. Id rather waste a ziplock bag on something else. Pasta is cheap and not worth freezing in any amount less than one serving.

        1. I would not just freeze the shells.. Stuff them or make them into something (a ton of different options with stuff sheels ) Inless the shell is homemade or of unique orgin use it , eat it, or pitch it.

          1. Yes, you can freeze cooked unsauced pasta. But in the case of large shells, you'll take up a lot of freezer space with the container, since you can't compact the shells as you could with spaghetti. And there will be a lot of air in the container, speeding the development of freezer burn. If you are determined not to stuff before freezing, try to thaw and use them within 2-3 weeks.