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Feb 16, 2011 05:38 AM

PIzzeria Locale

Pretty good dinner last night...traveling out here for business...from the northeast

Salameria plate was piece of the mortadella was the dry slice from the end...they should be careful about that...everyone has one of those old fashioned hand cranked slicers now...

Margherita pizza was a good solid B...more basil, sauce (just San Marzano know in Italy and inNew haventhey always cut ther San Marzano with a Roma Plum) tasted salty...but was OK...just needed a little more char...I liked it. Oven needs to will come.

Butterscotch Bouidin...OK...but the caramel needs to really be get a true butterscotch was good but bland...good whipped cream.

I noticxed some simalarities with Mozza in LA...Mario Batali's place...toomamny similarities to think someone didnl;t spend some time there...dough was the same, atmioshphere similar, and he sells Butterscotcxh Boudin...with the salt and caramel...

Wine by the glass was good...but to be honest...this is a pizza shop...the wine list is just way too much...are these guys affilated with the place next door? I read the whole thing...learned alot...

Some great stuff but I just donlt see needing to pay hundreds of dollars for a wine to pair with food that in most parts of the world you eat standing up in casual clothes.

They are in day 23 I think the server told me...way too many service staff all trying hard...if one more person offered to pour me water...but staff was great and they call you by name...funny that I noticed because they ask you when you come in and type it onto the computer...well...when the dishwasher is calling out "Goodby Mr is a little much

It just needs to relax a little...mayeb a few biker waitresses with a little attitude would calm the place down so it doesn;t feel so stuffy

I would go back...maybe even buy one of those expensive wines.

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  1. They are affiliated with Frasca next door, which is surely where their over the top service and wine list come from. Still need to check this place out, the pizza revolution is going strong in Boulder!

    1. I went last Friday, and mostly agree. It has the potential to be the best (of many) neopolitan pizza places in Boulder, but needs some time to work out the details. I had a fruitti di mare salad that was excellent (particularly the octopus, which was incredibly tender and delicious but there were only three pieces of it) and some veal meatballs that the table loved.

      The pizzas were quite good, but to be totally honest I currently prefer Pizzeria Basta's crust. Locale's crust was a bit flat for me - I like a little more airiness/puff to the cornicione. Toppings were excellent quality and well chosen combinations. One thing I just don't get: they don't slice the pizzas. I understand this may be traditional, but it makes it hard to share (which is one of the joys of a pizza place with small pies - getting a bunch to try them all). Looking around, EVERYONE in the place was struggling to cut their pizzas into wedges for sharing, using the supplied butter knives. Maybe they could ask if you want it sliced?

      Butterscotch pudding dessert was spectacular, I thought. True, the butterscotch flavor was muted, but I liked it that way - it emphasized the creaminess. The lemon tart was also excellent.

      Overall, a strong contender but I still like Basta a little better overall. Haven't been to Da Lupo (the other new neopolitan place) yet, so that's up next.

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      1. re: monopod

        everyone was asking each other..."hey...did they cut your pizza?" We all sort of eliminates the ability to eat a food that is designed to be eaten with the hands..

        Now...I have eaten alot of pizza and never...from ther halls of New Haven (which sort of chops it into pieces) to NYC...have I ever seen it not cut.

        Mozza in LA and Bianco in Phioenix...which many people (not me) consioder the best ..all cut we all laughged and buttered away...

        Dough out here in the west is definitely lighter than in the east...where it is more chewey...and bread like...but thinner...

        I love Boulder...always visit when I come out here...went to a little Mexican place up past the college last time that was very and blue on the outside...with a patio...great atmosphere...

        I'll be back
        Mine last night weas sloppy soft in the center...stiull think the oven was a little will be better when the thing turns black.

        1. re: jms123

          I read somewhere that pizzas in Naples are not sliced, and they are trying to be authentic. Still, a bit odd, especially if they aren't providing proper knives.

          1. re: LurkerDan

            Re "...they aren't providing proper knives." A customer can always request what s/he considers a "proper knife" if that is desired. Of all the places that aim to and have the capacity to accommodate diners, any part of the Frasca family can do so.

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              Of course, nobody suggested that a request for more than a butter knife would be refused. The discussion was not about them refusing requests, but about the oddity of not cutting the pizza prior to service and only providing butter knives, instead of a knife sufficient to easily cut a pizza (ie, a "proper knife" for the job). Regardless of its authenticity and regardless of Frasca's excellent service, I think that a bit odd. If you were served steak with only a butter knife to cut it, wouldn't that seem odd? Even if the restaurant happily and hastily provided a steak knife upon request?

      2. I had a solo lunch there last weekend, and enjoyed the experience. Yes, the staff is getting working on getting everything smoothed out, but they are trying. Like Frasca, the staff was friendly and very pleasant (saw a lot of the Frasca folk there). There's definitely a Frasca feel to it, and I didn't find the place stuffy at all.

        The pizza is served exactly the way it is in Italy (not only in Naples) - one pizza, uncut, per person, though of course you can share. Didn't seem odd to me, but I've been lucky enough to visit Italy enough, and eat enough pizza there, for it to seem totally appropriate in a restaurant that's trying to be authentic. In fact, I thought it was funny that more than one server told me, and told people at the surrounding tables, that it's served uncut and you cut it yourself. But I guess it's all what you're used to. I had the pizza called "mais," with creme fraiche and corn and a couple of other ingredients. It was delicious and a little sweet.

        I liked the arancini, little balls of cheese and Arborio rice, deep fried. A little salty, and the breading was a little thicker than I would have liked, but overall very nice. Not enough people knew what they were; maybe Locale could offer some as freebies, to increase interest in them.

        The arugula salad was great - such fresh greens in the middle of February.

        I think Pizzeria Locale will do well, and it certainly deserves to.