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Feb 16, 2011 04:32 AM

Danbury CT, hipster food lover's paradise?

First it was Stew Leonard's, then Trader Joe's, then Pepe's Pizzeria, and now Whole Foods and Sonic are coming to Danbury.

All of a sudden I feel like I am in the middle of a hipster food lover's paradise. Well, maybe Sonic doesn't qualify as food lover's paradise... but it's hipster cool.

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  1. SONIC??? Wahoo! I don't know how hipster cool it is, but it is THE source for diet cherry limeades, my favorite thing to drink EVER. And tater tots. I had access to Sonic back in college and then for a while when I lived in Arizona. And the last time I had Sonic was about six months ago in the Atlanta suburbs. I can't ever get enough diet cherry limeade... where is this Sonic going to be, do you know?

    Edit: nevermind... I looked it up. In the parking lot between Xpect Discounts and Bertucci's. Near the brand new Nardelli's. Sweet. I cannot wait.

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    1. re: saturngrrl

      Oh yeah, I need to add Nardelli's to the hipster cool list.

    2. Is the Whole Foods going to be near TJs?

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      1. re: DMW

        The Whole Foods is going in the recently vacated Marcus Dairy Bar space in the vicinity of the Danbury Fair Mall. Trader Joe's is one exit further off I-84. Not a bad distance between them.

        Marcus Dairy Restaurant
        5 Sugar Hollow Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

      2. Hey! What about Stanziato's? In my opinion, amazing, artisanal pizza is pretty up there on the cool meter as well!

        Sorry to be ignorant, but can you tell me what Nardelli's is? Never heard of it.

        Does anyone know what else is going in next to Whole Foods?

        I am just so grateful that we will be able to get real bread and fresh fish within 2 minutes of home. YIPPEE!

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        1. re: jtrct

          On your advice, I'll try Stanziato's, it sounds good.

          Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe has been around for many years in Connecticut. According to its Web site it's been voted the #1 grinder in the state for 11 years in a row... Now I am not saying it is the best or anything like that... it's just something special that's new to Danbury.

          In this economy, with things not going so well, it's inspiring to see new things coming our way.

        2. You think these are hipster places? They existed long before the hipsters Im DONT want these places in Danbury?

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          1. re: lovesublime

            I think it's way cool these places are here/coming.