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Feb 16, 2011 03:08 AM

1st Arr Saturday 19th Feb

I know a lot of reviews have been covered here before but I have a particular request for Saturday night. My parents are staying on rue Mont Thabor and I'm looking for a restaurant nearby-ish. I've booked Le Regalade SH for Friday night, Bistrot Volnay only seems to be open Mon-Fri, Spring and l'Ardoise are both closed at the moment. Any thoughts? I'm looking for somewhere less than 200euro for three people including wine. I'd rather somewhere that's lively but relaxed, we don't want to rush, but are happy with a bit of buzz in the background.

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  1. Satiurne.

    Or look up the wonderful Paris-by-mouth site.
    For your arrondissement:

    If your indication of the arrondissement means your family does not want to walk, do check out the neighboring arrondissements on Paris-by-mouth. Depending on where your family is staying, which you did not specify, walking to a neighboring arrondissement could be closer.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Thanks for that. I will check out Saturne.

      Just to clarify, I actually live in Paris, in the 20th, so I hardly ever eat in the 1st/8th unless I have friends or family visiting. We're happy to walk but one less metro ride this week would make my life a lot better!

      1. re: Louise Irl

        I think Saturne is closed on Saturdays. In the first, I like Au Gourmand for a modest dinner.

    2. I love le Souffle right on rue Mont Thabor. Its a fun place with an emphasis on souffles, although you are not restricted them. The pistachio/chocolate souffle for dessert is to die for.

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      1. re: porkpa

        Thanks! I had looked at le Soufflé but I don't really want to go somewhere and not indulge in the specialty, and I can't see us ordering three courses of soufflé...

        Au Gourmand sounds like a good option- traditional French but not too stuffy? I'll try it

        1. re: Louise Irl

          Chez Flottes has two dining options, a brasserie menu on the main floor and a more upscale menu upstairs. The bar area also offers the brasserie menu if you just want a croque etc. BTW, Souffle has an excellent kitchen, not at all limited to souffle dishes.

      2. If memory serves me right, the last time I was there I had onion soup, rack of lamb and the souffle for dessert. My SO had escargot, a spinach cheese souffle and a spoonful of my dessert, because that's all I would let her have. You are by no means restricted to ordering souffles. Their other food is really good.