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Feb 14, 2011 12:02 PM

Cold Sichuan appetizers

Founds this thread while searching and thought maybe one of the regulars could help me out.

Does anyone know the name of the cold appetizer dish that is served at Ba Ren which contains soybeans and small pieces of a leafy type green? Or better yet a recipe would be great. I bought some of the vegetable yesterday at 99 Ranch (forgot what it was called on the sign) and wanted to try to make this, but its kind of hard to find a recipe for it when I'm not even sure what to search for :).

More generally, anyone know of a webpage with pictures that describes all of the Sichaun cold dishes? Even though I'm Chinese and have plenty of chinese friends nobody I know is very familiar with Sichaun cuisine (everyone seems to be from either Hong Kong or Taiwan). Or maybe if anyone could recommend a good book on the subject that would be great as well!

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  1. don't know the name either, but if you find out and get a recipe, please post back!

    1. Land of Plenty by Fuschia Dunlap is the current go to for sichuan. I have tried some of the recipes and love them

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        Does it contain recipes for the popular cold appetizer dishes?