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Feb 15, 2011 10:18 PM

Suggestions For Tokyo: No Fish or Sushi?

I'm going to find myself in Tokyo for three days, and would like some dining suggestions. In general, I don't like Japanese fish, as I find it quite "fishy" tasting, which I hate. Last time I ate soup with Nori in it, well, it came out as quickly as it went in. Generally don't like Sushi bars, and I'd like to stay away from restaurants charging more than, say $30 for lunch or $50 for dinner. Tempura is OK, Japanese curry is fine, and I do like Yakisoba.

I do, however, like great food, and would like to eat somewhere that I "should not miss" while in Tokyo. It does not have to be Japanese food. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Interesting that tempura is okay, since the ingredients used in tempura are all seafood or vegetables. Maybe fish kushiage-style would be okay too. And there are all different kinds of izakaya - it's easy to avoid fish at yakitori places, for example, and a lot of charcoal-grill specialist izakaya offer great grilled meats.

      Anyway, Tokyo is a spread-out city, so let us know what neighborhood you're in and people might have more specific suggestions.

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        At the moment, I have not picked a place to stay. I'm flying into and out of Haneda airport, so I'll be staying possibly someplace convenient to there.