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Feb 15, 2011 08:08 PM

Restaurant Rec for 2 Quickie Stops in Paris

1. Any recs for a super-quickie (4 hour layover at CDG) meal near CDG on a Saturday afternoon?

2. Stopping overnight (less than 24 hrs) on the way home, staying at CDG Sheraton, will travel into Paris by train for a nice dinner...not wanting to spend a ton but hoping for a nice meal and wine (budget +/- E200) any recs?

Thanks very much!

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  1. is €200 for one person or two?

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    1. re: boredough

      E200 for two. We aren't looking for stars. We are looking for value. Thanks!

    2. 1. I'm not aware of anything very good foodwise at CDG. Also, a lot of the acceptable stuff is after security (such as the Bert's and the Guy Martin's fast food in 2E). The Flo in 2F is decent. As often in real France, Paul bakeries are your most reliable source of food.

      2. You need to more specific about what you like and expect. If you go in the 1st for instance, your budget buys you a food feast at Chez Denise or dinner at Spring, not drinking. A big fancy brasserie like La Closerie is also easily accessible. And some starred restaurants have good enough value. I would obviously do CAJ but that's assuming you don't mind how cramped it is and you're into this kind of food and you want to take a cab or find your way there from CDG.

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        Thank you Souphie.

        At CDG we will be on a 4-hour layover between flights so I imagine we'll be able to try your ideas for places behind security, don't you think? We're arriving on AF and departing on AF which should be terminal 1? We hoped for something within striking distance outside the airport but that may be unwise, especially after 11 hour flight. Unless there is an interesting idea along that line we will just stay inside and try at least to get to 2E.

        On our return thru Paris (with have less than 24 hours overnighting at airport hotel) we plan to take RER into the city on Friday night the 25th. We stayed last year on Rue Dauphine bordering the 5th & 6th so we are familiar with the St Michel stop and those areas generally. But we could change to another RER line. So, we are open as far as location. The recent comments re Chez l'Ami Jean sound like exactly the type of place we are looking for - good quality food and experience at reasonable cost...but their website is down right now so I can't find their address.

        Last year (my first trip to Paris) we ate at (please don't laugh - we enjoyed them!) Fish la Boissonerie, Le Procope, Allard, Roger la Grenouille but this time we'd like to find something more interesting (less touristy?) with better quality food. BTW we have a reservation for Aux Vieux Comptoir.

        Thank you so much!

        1. re: janetproudfoot

          "We're arriving on AF and departing on AF which should be terminal 1?" - it depends AF flies out of a number of terminals depending whether it is domestic, short hall or long hall. Unfortunately each one has its own security to get airside so you can't just wander from one to another looking for a good place to eat (obviously transfers do go airside to airside). With 4 hours you could get out into a nearby town but I wonder if anything is open on Saturday afternoon so your options are very limited. The 24 hour stopover opens up all of Paris - best to get in on a single RER line then taxi from there for speed. Changing lines can take time.

          1. re: PhilD

            Hi Phil: We arrive from long-haul LAXCDG then wait for short haul but still intl CDGVCE. My ref to Terminal 1 comes from AF website...maybe not quite accurate? Bags checked thru, only small handbag. Tell me, would you go outside the airport? We are just looking for the experience, the best memories for my husband and I (after 30+ years) are of impromptu jaunts, so I thought wandering out of the airport for a yummy bite might be a great way to spend the 4 hours (altho some will be taken by pp control, etc.) Thanks so much...this is a lot of fun. Can't wait for this next trip.

            1. re: janetproudfoot

              I wouldn't leave the airport -- by the time you deal with customs and immigration and get to your onward gate, you really won't have a lot of time left.

              Like all international airports, there are international terminals and domestic (EU) terminals -- and they're only rare the same terminal.

              You'll also appreciate having some time to freshen up, too -- washing your face is easier (and feels better) with actual running hot water than the dribble that comes out of the airplane faucets (with their questionable water quality) while you bang your elbows on the walls. (a small bag with a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a hand towel is always a nice addition to a carryon)

              1. re: janetproudfoot

                Here is a link to the tourist info office for the nearest town to the airport listing local restaurants, there are buses that go from the airport:

            2. re: janetproudfoot

              We've eaten twice at Aux Vieux Comptoir and enjoyed it both times. It's a charming little bar a vins with delicious bistro classics on the menu. We had our charming waitress pair our wine to our individual choices and she did a great job. Count on about 100 euros for 2 for 3 courses each including wine. The tables are very close together, but that's part of the fun as we chatted with our neighbours and had a great time.

              You can do Spring for 200 euros including a modest bottle of wine ~ the dinner menu is 64 euros per person, so that leaves about 60-70 euros for wine and coffee. If you can get the reservation, go for it.


              1. re: parisjo

                Thank you Parisjo. Sounds great. Really looking forward to it. BTW, anyone ever been to Mon Vieil Ami?