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Share your not-so-traditional Valentine's

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Thought this might be fun...

Would any of y'all like to tell us about an enjoyable dinner out on Valentine's Day or weekend,
especially at a place that wasn't booked solid?
One that didn't involve surf-n-turf, linguine, asparagus, or strawberries?!!

If you had a romantic experience at some place most of us wouldn't expect (fast food, hole-in-the-wall,
or coffeehouse?), that would be cool, too.

Of course, if it was Chow-worthy, that would be really nice!

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  1. My wife and I shared an italian sausage and mushroom pie and a bottle of champagne at Homeslice. Couldn't have asked for a better valentines dinner.

    1. got two dozen oysters, gumbo, and lots of fried things at captn benny's off N IH-35. we sat at the bar and had excellent, non-intrusive, prompt service. a great no-fuss valentine's day dinner.

      1. Our Valentine's dining option was booked solid; however, it was certainly not traditional.

        I took my bride to the Alamo Drafthouse's Valentine's Day Princess Bride Feast. The menu:

        1) MIRACLE MAX’S MLT
        Slow smoked mutton sliced paper thin and piled high on rustic bread with tomato and arugula. - Paired with Chimango Tempranillo

        Farm-raised chicken in a hearty broth with fresh veggies. Served with a Gloucester grilled cheese crouton. - Paired with Domaine LaFage Cote Est

        Crispy smoked eel served on fresh seasonal greens with blood orange vinaigrette. - Paired with Casal Garcia

        4) ROASTED R.O.U.S.
        Beef tenderloin rubbed in roasted peppercorn, black mustard seed, and espresso beans, then roasted to a perfect medium-rare. Served with mushroom truffle risotto, baby artichoke, and a port-demi. - Paired with Colosi Rosso

        Two miracle pill-sized dark chocolate truffles with fresh cream and homemade caramel drizzle. - Paired with a Port Royal of Bisol Jeio Rose and the Fonesca 10 Year Tawny Port.

        I found each course to be superb, although my twue wuv wouldn't touch the strips of eel in the salad. And since she's not a wine drinker, I got to double up in that department.

        1. We hit Frank Monday night. Not surprisingly for a hot-dog and sausage joint, it was not very crowded (6 to 8 tables filled). What was surprising was the music choice. A lot of relatively loud metal--definitely not expected on Valentines. I saw a tweet from them later saying it was Metal Mondays so beware on your next Monday visit.

          I broke my rule of only getting their sausages by getting a hot dog special. I should have followed the rules--their hot dogs are still below average while their housemade sausages are almost always excellent. My companion had a plain veggie dog that needs no comment. The waffle fries were excellent as always and the $1 cookie with bacon was warm and rivals Tam's 50 cent cream puffs for best dessert bargain the city. They have a bread pudding special headed to the main menu and it too was great. Very rich, but soft with a nice chocolate sauce.

          Frank still stands as about the only sit-down place downtown where a couple can eat for under $25 and really enjoy it.

          1. We had vegetarian friends from out of town staying with us, so we all 4 walked to East Side Kings/Libery Bar, sat out back, and shared lots of fried beets, brussels sprouts salad, curry buns (greasy but tasty!) and Liberty rice. Delicious, cheap, and fun.

            1. We had dance classes on Monday night, so we chose to go out Saturday and went to Korea House (my fiancee is Korean). I don't remember the names of the dishes that we had, but they were squid and mackerel pike. We went early so there was no crowd and we really enjoyed it.

              Korea House
              501 Village Shopping Ctr, Austin, TX 78701

              1. We went to The Steeping Room and had the Century Oaks Tea Service. It wasn't crowded at all.

                Steeping Room
                11410 Century Oaks Ter Ste 112, Austin, TX 78758

                1. Pizza, pints, pool and pinball at the Parlor on Guadalupe.

                  1. We shared a bottle of bubbles on our balcony and watched the sun go down. Eventually went to our neighborhood favorite cherrywood coffeehouse for the fried shrimp and had both redsauce and remoulade. Back home for tons of chocolate. No crowds...quite a nice night.