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Feb 15, 2011 07:17 PM

Share your not-so-traditional Valentine's

Thought this might be fun...

Would any of y'all like to tell us about an enjoyable dinner out on Valentine's Day or weekend,
especially at a place that wasn't booked solid?
One that didn't involve surf-n-turf, linguine, asparagus, or strawberries?!!

If you had a romantic experience at some place most of us wouldn't expect (fast food, hole-in-the-wall,
or coffeehouse?), that would be cool, too.

Of course, if it was Chow-worthy, that would be really nice!

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  1. My wife and I shared an italian sausage and mushroom pie and a bottle of champagne at Homeslice. Couldn't have asked for a better valentines dinner.

    1. got two dozen oysters, gumbo, and lots of fried things at captn benny's off N IH-35. we sat at the bar and had excellent, non-intrusive, prompt service. a great no-fuss valentine's day dinner.

      1. Our Valentine's dining option was booked solid; however, it was certainly not traditional.

        I took my bride to the Alamo Drafthouse's Valentine's Day Princess Bride Feast. The menu:

        1) MIRACLE MAX’S MLT
        Slow smoked mutton sliced paper thin and piled high on rustic bread with tomato and arugula. - Paired with Chimango Tempranillo

        Farm-raised chicken in a hearty broth with fresh veggies. Served with a Gloucester grilled cheese crouton. - Paired with Domaine LaFage Cote Est

        Crispy smoked eel served on fresh seasonal greens with blood orange vinaigrette. - Paired with Casal Garcia

        4) ROASTED R.O.U.S.
        Beef tenderloin rubbed in roasted peppercorn, black mustard seed, and espresso beans, then roasted to a perfect medium-rare. Served with mushroom truffle risotto, baby artichoke, and a port-demi. - Paired with Colosi Rosso

        Two miracle pill-sized dark chocolate truffles with fresh cream and homemade caramel drizzle. - Paired with a Port Royal of Bisol Jeio Rose and the Fonesca 10 Year Tawny Port.

        I found each course to be superb, although my twue wuv wouldn't touch the strips of eel in the salad. And since she's not a wine drinker, I got to double up in that department.

        1. We hit Frank Monday night. Not surprisingly for a hot-dog and sausage joint, it was not very crowded (6 to 8 tables filled). What was surprising was the music choice. A lot of relatively loud metal--definitely not expected on Valentines. I saw a tweet from them later saying it was Metal Mondays so beware on your next Monday visit.

          I broke my rule of only getting their sausages by getting a hot dog special. I should have followed the rules--their hot dogs are still below average while their housemade sausages are almost always excellent. My companion had a plain veggie dog that needs no comment. The waffle fries were excellent as always and the $1 cookie with bacon was warm and rivals Tam's 50 cent cream puffs for best dessert bargain the city. They have a bread pudding special headed to the main menu and it too was great. Very rich, but soft with a nice chocolate sauce.

          Frank still stands as about the only sit-down place downtown where a couple can eat for under $25 and really enjoy it.

          1. We had vegetarian friends from out of town staying with us, so we all 4 walked to East Side Kings/Libery Bar, sat out back, and shared lots of fried beets, brussels sprouts salad, curry buns (greasy but tasty!) and Liberty rice. Delicious, cheap, and fun.